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Music To Run To #5

On Labor Day my husband and I decided to run in our local holiday road races, the 10k and 5k Franklin Classic. Since we have a 4 year old daughter who is not quite a runner yet, we chose to each run one of the races so that we could take turns watching her while the other was sweating it out in their race. I do a bit more running than my husband so I decided to run the 10k and he decided to do the 5k. The night before I sleepily put together what I hoped would be a good running playlist for the 6.2 mile race and then quickly forgot what I had chosen as I fell asleep. The 4:45 AM race day wake up call came fast and soon I found myself standing at the starting line, the definition of bleary-eyed. Well, well, well...let me just say this, the play list I put together the night before was


It was running playlist royalty and as a result of my upbeat mood and excitement after I finished the 10k, I decided to also run the 5k while pushing my 40 pound daughter in her 40 pound stroller alongside my husband.

This has led me to todays blog. You need this playlist, I just know it. I hope you enjoy (Please remember: I like weird music).

1. White Rabbits- Heavy Metal(I stumbled onto this album and band. I still don’t know anything about them but their album has not left my running playlist) 2. Broken Bells- The Ghost Inside 3. Ellie Goulding- Lights 4. Chairlift- Amanaemonesia (I can’t even pronounce this song but it doesn’t stop me from trying to sing along while I am running) 5. Imagine Dragons- It’s Time 6. St. Vincent- Actor Out Of Work (Can’t beat this beat and the guitar solo makes me grin…She.Is.So.Good) 7. Deadmau5- Some Chords (9 and a half minutes of four on the floor awesomeness) 8. Santigold- GO! 9. Miike Snow- Silvia (I made my husband listen to this song the other day and thought I would see him smile and bobbing his head like I do when I listen to it but he only grinned politely, once again reminding me that what I like is NOT necessarily what other people like…maybe I shouldn’t have made him listen to all 9 minutes of it…I couldn’t help it. I love it.) 10. Metric- Youth Without Youth (It’s gotta be impossible to run slow to this song)

Let me know if any of these songs make it into your own workout or running playlists and what you think about them in there. Also let me know what new songs you have found making you pick up the tempo in your own playlists. I love discovering new music so put them in the comment section below.

Yippee for good music!

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Christian Music To Run To #2

It's that time again. Time for me to post my newest additions to my Christian music to run to playlist. Here are my thoughts about this playlist that I blogged on Christina Music To Run To #1:

"Running to an all Christian Music playlist can be dangerous. Perhaps it is only dangerous for music listeners like me, but let me tell you, if you add these songs to your running playlist and find yourself tripping over an unseen road hazard due to the fact that, instead of paying attention to what was in front of you, you were busy worshipping, don't blame me. I've warned you. But let's do this anyway. I am going to list my all time favorite songs that have been staples on my running playlist and then over time I will blog new running favorites songs that are creeping or bursting onto my playlist over the months."

I hope you find a few of these songs (if not all) are worth adding to your own playlist and they make your run as fun as mine! Enjoy...

1. Future Of Forestry- Love Be Your Mantra (Start your run with this will be your best run in a long time.)

2. Hillsong Live- Beneath The Waters (There are songs that make me want to close my eyes in worship with a grin on my face because of the revelation of my Savior that they carry with them , this is one of those but I have been extremely carefully not to while running…hehee)

3. Hillsong Live- I Surrender (I am a sucker for a slow driving song, especially one that builds to an anthemic bridge.)

4. All Sons And Daughters- Oh Our Lord

5. Jesus Culture- One Thing Remains

6. Leeland- The Sound Of Melodies (Leeland had two songs on my last running playlist and since then I have gone back and listened to their first album. This is a song off of that first brilliant album but there are many that I could've chosen from.)

7. Aaron Strumple- Never Finished (Are you kidding me, I could be faint from hunger and sleep deprived but this song would still make me want to go run.)

8. Scott Cunningham Band- There May be Tears (I just got this album from Scott himself and saw his 15 year old daughter Madison sing this song live. Yes, she wrote this song by herself and yes I said 15 years old. When I was 15, the extent of my writing was writing in a diary. Yep a really cool early 90’s diary with a lock and key.)

9. Thad Cockrell- A Great Rejoicing

10. NEEDTOBREATHE- Keep Your Eyes Open (The first time I heard this song I was driving in my car and it came on the radio. I knew my husband was at home about to head out for a run. I immediately called him and told him to download it and put it on his running playlist. We both love it.)

11. Lovelite- Every Breath Is A Chance (The beat plus Jen's voice equals running heaven. Period.)

12. David Crowder- Oh My God (Foot stomping fun)

Do you think something is missing from this list? Well just add your own suggestions in the comment section below then ☺

Christian Music To Run To #1

Running to an all Christian Music playlist can be dangerous. Perhaps it is only dangerous for music listeners like me, but let me tell you, if you add these songs to your running playlist and find yourself tripping over an unseen road hazard due to the fact that, instead of paying attention to what was in front of you, you were busy worshipping, don't blame me. I've warned you. But let's do this anyway. I am going to list my all time favorite songs that have been staples on my running playlist and then over time I will blog new running favorites songs that are creeping or bursting onto my playlist over the months.

These songs are NOT in any particular order other than alphabetical due to the fact that I went through iTunes alphabetically while I was deciding which were the songs for this list. There are songs on this list that are chosen more for their beat, making a steady rhythm for running (Hills Of Indigo Blue) and others are chosen for their lyrics (these will be the dangerous ones, i.e. Everything). Some were listened to clustered together because it almost seemed as if they were meant to be listened to together (the David Crowder list) and others were listened to at specific times in a run (Tear Down The Walls is 10 minutes long and I always used it during the most difficult part of my runs thus making that 10 minutes seem to fly by). Please let me know your favorites. I would love to add them to my next run!

I hope you enjoy and don't hurt yourself.

1. City Harmonic- Manifesto

2. David Crowder Band- Do Not Move, Come Awake, You Are My Joy, Our Happy Home, We Win, Rescue Is Coming

3. Future Of Forestry- This Hour, Hills Of Indigo Blue, Slow Your Breath Down

4. Gungor- Let There Be, When Death Dies, Wake Up Sleeper, This Is Not The End

5. Hillsong United- King Of All Days, You Hold Me Now, Tear Down The Walls, Take Heart, Like An Avalanche, Rhythms Of Grace, Bones

6. Jars Of Clay- Shelter, Run In The Night

7. Jimmy Robeson- Heaven Resounds, Light My Way

8. John Mark McMillan- Reckoning Day, Carbon Ribs, Skeleton Bones

9. Kye Kye- Introducing Myself, Trees and Trust

10. Leeland- The Great Awakening, I Can See Your Love, We Will Sing

11. Matt Redman- Wonderful Maker

12. Paul Baloche- Glorious

13. Phil Wickham- True Love, Beautiful, Sun & Moon

14. Tim Hughes- Everything

Music To Run To #4

Here is my newest list of songs to run to. I can't help grinning as I think of those of you who will take these songs and add them to your playlists and then stumble upon them the next time you have that playlist on shuffle while you are running/or are working out/or cleaning the house/driving in your car/walking/or just listening to music for the pure joy of it. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the songs on this list and give me a few of your favorite songs on your running playlist. Enjoy!

1. Never Finished- Aaron Strumpel: Probably my favorite song on this list. When this one comes on it connects with my body and soul.

2. Fastly Gone- Aaron Strumpel. Yes, Aaron has two songs on this list. They are just that good (at least I think so, my husband thinks they are a bit weird but hey, I really like weird :)

3. Calgary- Bon Iver. Come on, this song is a no brainer.

4. Princess of China- Coldplay. I am sick sick sick of finding Rihanna on other people's songs BUT Arggghhhhh is this song a great song to run to. Boom, boom boom. The darn bass is what gets me.

5. Not In Love- Crystal Castles (featuring Robert Smith): This is the second time this song has appeared on my Music To Run To list but I'm a sucker for just about anything with Robert Smith's name on it and this song will have me sprinting up a boulder strewn mountain.

6. No Light, No Light- Florence + The Machine: This song is a catchy, hooky, four on the floor, harpy, many vocaled wonderful madness. Try to run slowly when she hits the chorus, just try.

7. Blood Pressure- Mute Math: Really? Are you surprised to find a Mute Math song on here?

8. Lisztomania (Alex Metric Remix)- Phoenix: Phoenix has had music on my running playlist since years ago when my husband snuck their song "Run, Run, Run" on my running list for a half-marathon I was in. Now here they are on the list again for a remix. It's so good that I have to make myself focus so that I don't trip.

9. Cruel- St. Vincent: Now I will give it to my husband, St. Vincent is weird but this is classic great/weird. This song is only for the great/weird lovers (Mom, don't buy this one).

10. Chicago- Canon Blue: 1:15 into the song and he still hasn't started singing yet??? Yep. Horns, drums, bass, strings and weird keys thing? Yep. Enjoy

Now grab your shoes, IPod, and running clothes and head outside. You can tell me your thoughts when you get back.

Music To Run To #3...

My latest running playlist has me moving fast. Just thinking about it makes me want to lace up my shoes and hit the road. Soooo, I will share it with you so that you might find yourself jogging and bopping to these same songs, almost as if we are running together via a musical playlist. 1. Triumph Of A Heart- Bjork. I'm pretty sure there will always be a Bjork song or two on my running playlist. Her music is so intricate and creative that it makes for a fun 3-4 minutes. Good thing she has a new record coming out so I can stock up on some new songs.

2. Skeleton Bones- John Mark McMillan. This song has a rhythm that says, "run, run, run." So, I run.

3. You Will Leave A Mark- A Silent Film. I heard about this band from a friend and immediately placed this song on my playlist. This is the song that pumps up my running. I speed up and I smile. Ya!

4. Traveler's Song- Future Of Forestry. This is one of those bands that I frequently grab all of their songs and shuffle through them for an entire running playlist. I love, love, love their music and creativity.

5. Youth Knows No Pain- Lykke Li. Yep. This will be the song that some of you think, "Uh, has Sarah flipped her lid? That girls voice is crazy!" Well maybe I have flipped my lid, but it still love running to this song and other Lykke Li songs, so there.

6. My Body- Young The Giant. This song is one of those that has me wanting to shout along with it. This can be hard to do when running at a fast clip :)

7. Call it What You Want- Foster The People. Am I even allowed to choose this song for my playlist instead of their uber-famous single "Pumped Up Kicks?" Well, yes, I am. This is my list after all and this is the song that has me jamming through it's exactly 4:00 minute length.

8. Heaven Resounds- Jimmy Robeson. Ok, I've already talked about running to this song in my Jimmy Robeson album review blog, but I would be wrong not to put this song on my music to run to blog because I truly love running to it. Steady, upbeat song about the people of God worshipping, uhhhh, YA!

That's it. That's my current list and I'm sticking to it. I hope you find some new songs you can add to your own playlist (for running, biking, house cleaning, driving or whatever) and have fun listening to. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment here with your own songs you would add to this list.

Happy running.

Music To Run To #2...

So I am posting my second installment of a few of the songs I currently love having on my running playlist. You can see my first list in my blog "Music To Run To...."

Go Do- Jonsi (This is a great starter song on the playlist. It always makes me feel happy I just headed out the door)

Manifesto- The City Harmonic

Bones- Hillsong United

Not In Love- Crystal Castles (featuring Robert Smith)(This song is ridiculous. When it comes on and hits the chorus I feel like I could run for hours)

Only The Young- Brandon Flowers

Grenade- Bruno Mars (Don't judge me. Just add it to your running playlist and see how much you love it.)

Airplanes- Local Natives

Wild Eyes- Local Natives

Rococo- Arcade Fire

I Am Not A Robot- Marina And The Diamonds

Lisztomania- Phoenix

1901- Phoenix

You Will Leave A Mark- A Silent Film

Age Of Adz- Sufjan Stevens (This one is only for the crazy. If you are not up for crazy then DO NOT add this to your playlist.)

Congratulations!- Towa Tei (This has long been a favorite song of mine since I first heard this song in 1999 but I just recently dug it back out of the cobwebs of my music attic and boy am I glad I did. Careful running with this one though because the beat is weird enough to make you trip.)

Well, there are 15 songs that could possibly make your next run (or bike ride or brisk walk) your best one in a while. I hope you enjoy the list of songs and, as always, I am looking for new good running music so send me any songs that make it on your playlist :)

Gotta take these songs out with me right now. This is the path that is waiting for me to run down it today:

Music To Run To...

People frequently ask me what music I like to run to so I've decided to post a list of a few songs(from the 150) from my current "Running" playlist. This way you can pick and choose some songs from this list and perhaps find yourself on a sunny day running alongside these brilliant musicians as well (I like to imagine that they are all with me on my jog...this makes for funny imagining...Bjork in her swan dress running while singing...Kings of Leon in their ultra-skinny jeans trying to look cool while keeping up with me). So here they are...these are the main ones that make me smile the biggest when I'm out there trudging up one of these crazy hills I'm surrounded by. The Ladder- Andrew Belle Love Letter to Japan- Bird and the Bee Mouth's Cradle- Bjork Triumph of A Heart- Bjork (both of these songs are completely vocals. There are no instruments at all other than the instrument of the mouth. So have fun listening and thinking "How in the world did she get these sounds with a mouth and voice????") No Phone- Cake Testify- Carney Brother Lee- Citizen Cope Systems of a Trend- Dr. Seahorse Carbon Ribs-John Mark Mcmillan (This song makes me want to smile and turn my face towards my Savior...careful that your eyes don't close or get teary if you are running out on the road!) Crawl- Kings of Leon Hysteria- Muse Unnatural Selection- Muse The Nerve- Mute Math Backfire- Mute Math Goodbye- Mute Math Electrify- Mute Math (This is the cd for you if you are wanting to just listen to one cd an entire upbeat run) All The Right Moves-One Republic Marching On- One Republic (Careful running to this song...If you try running to the beat and lyrics you could end up looking like a crazy person) Carousel- Paper Route Tiger Teeth- Paper Route Luscious Life- Patrick Watson 2+2=5-Radiohead (Save the last part of this song for the uphill) Mess of Me- Switchfoot

Remember this is just some of the current songs in the playlist. Please feel free to send and post your own favorites. This way we can all run inspired together :)

A couple of shots from my running road with my running partner: