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God, Nashville And Ornithology

After leaving Nashville, TN., years ago, I said that I would never move back.  There was something in the water that everyone was drinking and I was no longer interested in being a part of the mass chugging.  Out of every couple that we knew closely, only one remained married.  There were affairs, massive alcohol abuse, drug use, extreme competitiveness, shallow churches whose main goal was to whisper the names of the "Famous" people who attended and the congregations who waited impatiently during the over-produced worship to catch sight of one of those exalted members to arrive.  Jonny and I packed our bags and never looked back....


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Resurrection On Display

Was so much fun leading worship at Journey Church with All Sons And Daughters and a few other super talented musicians yesterday. What a beautifully creative church we go to. Resurrection was displayed from the message, to the music, to the video, to the girl throwing flower petals. Top to bottom the service was shouting "He Is Risen!" Here is a snippet from the service. This is a song called "Praise The Invisible" by our good friend Daniel Bashta and it opened the service....


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The Infection Of Self-Salvation

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in church listening to my pastor talk about the cross.  His message was one of a series he has been teaching leading up to Easter titled, "This Is Not The End."  Somewhere near the middle of his message I got lost on a tidbit of information he presented.  My mind began wandering and chewing on a thought that I couldn't seem to shake and even still, some three weeks later I am still pondering/meditating and now blogging about it.  Here is the unraveling of those thoughts: ...


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Music To Run To #6

Here we are again, chasing the songs that inspire our feet to hit the pavement time and time again.  What songs are doing that for me right now?  Oh, let me tell you (they are good!).  But don't be stingy, share with me your musical running inspiration.  

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Leaning Into The Greater Story

Recently, I excitedly went to Barnes and Noble and chose a few new books for my 4 year old daughter.  This is not a rare occurrence and is not what made this particular trip so exciting.  This trip and these books were special because they are the next step up in my daughters reading/learning.  

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Van Gogh and Christian Music

Van Gogh And Christian Music

Van Gogh And Christian Music

I like Van Gogh.  I like the beauty and mystery, the bold mixture of colors, and the movement and honesty found while gazing at his paintings.  I'm looking at a painting he did of himself right now as I write this and I am struck by the way he painted himself.  He looks sad. He looks tired.  He looks worried.  He looks real while still looking intriguing.  I also love his "Starry Night" painting.  I had the opportunity to see the original painting in New York at the Museum of Modern Art about 18 years ago and I remember standing in front of the painting, leaning into it as if I could crawl into that moonlit landscape.  Van Gogh had a gift.  He was able to paint in a way that no one else could/can and we are able to see the world differently because of his artistic gift.

Now I will jump to my point of this blog. 

Music.  Unfortunately, frequently, christian music drives me crazy.  Instead of being pulled towards what the songs are attempting to reveal, oftentimes, I find myself hitting the mute button and frustration filling my chest.

Where is the great craft?  Where is the great songwriting?  What in the heck are they trying to say?  What picture are they trying to paint? 

I feel like we are being handed mediocre artwork and being told to get over it, ignore the shabby work because they are at least using the same colors.  Same colors, same painting right? 

No.  Not even close. 

How is anyone supposed to know what is being painted about if the artist is a bad painter?  How does the bad painter's artwork keep being put in the most prominent place of viewing? 

Where are Christian Music's Van Gogh's?  I want to see Jesus from their perspective.

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