All Sons & Daughters + My Wordy Nerdy-ness= YouVersion Devos

So as you probably know (since you are great music listeners "in the know") the new All Sons & Daughters album came out yesterday.  As you probably also know, there are beautiful songs on it.  As you also probably know, the voices/melodies/lyrics of David & Leslie are just what are needed to walk us straight into beautiful moments of worship.  All of this you probably already know BUT did you know that I was able to write 7 Devos that tie in with 7 of their new songs for YouVersion and that was also released yesterday?


Yep.  Betcha didn't know that ya hipsters.  


Well now you do.  Go check them out here:

Sarah Mac/All Sons & Daughters YourVersion Devos






Posted on May 7, 2014 .