"Curtains" by Harvest- album review

Every once in a while there is a Christian album that is released that makes Christian music listeners step back and realize they have been ripped off.  This new album is so good (the music, the songwriting, the honesty, production, performance, the great revelation of truth, etc) that they look at all of the other Christian music that they have been fed and realize that while they thought they were getting Fleming Steakhouse, in reality, compared with this new album, the other music is McDonalds (cheaper, mass produced, less inspired, money driven, aural and spiritual junk food).  


At this point in the blog you might be getting offended or ticked off by my critique of Christian music but honestly, I think you need to get ticked off.  You need to realize that someone has been handing you a cheapened version of worship, theology, beauty and truth and then get mad that they are getting paid to do it, that they are standing in the doorway, blocking you from a more true revelation of Christ because if you really saw then they would be out of a job because you would never go back.   


So, now that you are pumped and mad and ready to devour the next Christian album that is brought to your attention, enter Harvest and her debut EP "Curtains." 


When I heard the songs that were to be recorded on this album I started crying because they crawled right into my core and shoved a greater revelation of Christ in there.  This is something that I want for you.  This is something that I fight for and long for for the Christian music listener.  


Go out and buy this EP.  Don't add it to your spotify playlist, buy the EP  and support Harvest so that she can continue to write and record the music that holds our faces towards His face, that opens our eyes to who He is and what it is to be known and loved by God.  Then after you've listened, tell me which song/songs broke you and then rebuilt you with a better, more clear understanding of Him.  




Posted on October 29, 2013 .