I'd Stand Beneath Those Swaying Branches Gladly...

I'm not a poet, yet sometimes songs I've been writing decide to stay just words and shrug out of any melody I've clothed them in (some others I've written: At The Core Of Me and When I Exhaust This Home

I'd Stand Beneath Those Swaying Branches Gladly... Five stars pointed towards your bed But I'd arranged for someone else to hold you The curtains blew and dust preferred to dance Yet I'd complain of sweat and isolation

A morning rushed and rested on the doorframe But I would not unhinge to let it in I'd stand beneath those swaying branches gladly But never would I grab or climb within

The sirens song is never far away But I've tied myself to bits of wood and beam Preferring what can splinter And imbed into these hands To an unknown set of songs and whispering

Posted on November 27, 2010 and filed under Anything and Everything, Songs Without Melody(Poetry).