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A Christian Music Poll...

The other day I wrote a blog called "Does Music+Saying Jesus=Good Music?" and received a great number of responses via messaging, texting, commenting, etc. It got me to thinking that I would like to know a few things about you guys. I know where I am as a music listener/christian but I don't know where the majority of the rest of you stand and I don't want to assume everyone is like me. So here's the deal...answer the questions below HONESTLY and feel free to forward this blog or retweet to anyone and everyone because the more people that answer the better picture we will have. This way we will be able to get an idea of where the average music listener stands when it comes to christian music. Alrighty...let's go...

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Music To Run To...

People frequently ask me what music I like to run to so I've decided to post a list of a few songs(from the 150) from my current "Running" playlist. This way you can pick and choose some songs from this list and perhaps find yourself on a sunny day running alongside these brilliant musicians as well (I like to imagine that they are all with me on my jog...this makes for funny imagining...Bjork in her swan dress running while singing...Kings of Leon in their ultra-skinny jeans trying to look cool while keeping up with me). So here they are...these are the main ones that make me smile the biggest when I'm out there trudging up one of these crazy hills I'm surrounded by. The Ladder- Andrew Belle Love Letter to Japan- Bird and the Bee Mouth's Cradle- Bjork Triumph of A Heart- Bjork (both of these songs are completely vocals. There are no instruments at all other than the instrument of the mouth. So have fun listening and thinking "How in the world did she get these sounds with a mouth and voice????") No Phone- Cake Testify- Carney Brother Lee- Citizen Cope Systems of a Trend- Dr. Seahorse Carbon Ribs-John Mark Mcmillan (This song makes me want to smile and turn my face towards my Savior...careful that your eyes don't close or get teary if you are running out on the road!) Crawl- Kings of Leon Hysteria- Muse Unnatural Selection- Muse The Nerve- Mute Math Backfire- Mute Math Goodbye- Mute Math Electrify- Mute Math (This is the cd for you if you are wanting to just listen to one cd an entire upbeat run) All The Right Moves-One Republic Marching On- One Republic (Careful running to this song...If you try running to the beat and lyrics you could end up looking like a crazy person) Carousel- Paper Route Tiger Teeth- Paper Route Luscious Life- Patrick Watson 2+2=5-Radiohead (Save the last part of this song for the uphill) Mess of Me- Switchfoot

Remember this is just some of the current songs in the playlist. Please feel free to send and post your own favorites. This way we can all run inspired together :)

A couple of shots from my running road with my running partner:

These are a few of my favorite things...

"Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes,Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes, Silver white winters that melt into springs, These are a few of my favorite things." -Hammerstein, Oscar; Rodgers, Richard (sung by Julie Andrews)

Its no wonder that this song in on my brain as I sit in my room. This is my den, my cubby, my warm blanket around me, my thinking room, my ponder place, my quiet place, my hiding place... I call it the green room. Everything is wooden or books or green in this room. I have taken a few snapshots for you to see where I curl up to write. I have a chair that I bought before my daughter was born that I was told is hideously ugly but I couldn't resist it's comfort. It rocks. It has a footstool. That is my spot. I am sitting there now and doing what I do. Looking out the window at the rain, looking fondly at my books(I stopped counting them when I reached 800) and reflecting on the hours of cozy time I've spent in their reading. So...come on in...bring your hot tea and curl up with me. Who knows, maybe we could write a song together. It is raining outside and the perfect weather for a good lyric...

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