Music To Run To #6

Music To Run To #6

Music To Run To #6

Here we are again, chasing the songs that inspire our feet to hit the pavement time and time again.  What songs are doing that for me right now?  Oh, let me tell you (they are good!).  But don't be stingy, share with me your musical running inspiration.  You can even be a couch potato and have never run a day in your life (aside from the one time you saw a $100 bill floating down the sidewalk) and just make up what songs you would think would be inspirational, you know, if you ever decided to run.  Or walk fast.  Or to stand outside with your sneakers on.

Happy running (or just great song listening):

1.  Distance Kills-Nolita Knights

2.  Time To Run- Lord Huron (It's called "Time To Run," duh.)

3.  On The Shores- Jonathan David & Melissa Helser (Four.On.The.Floor!)

4.  Neither Here Nor There- Lost In The Trees

5.  Default- Django Django

6.  Does Your Heart Break?- The Brilliance (Don't be thrown off by how slowly this one starts.  It will pick up and may even leave you weeping.  I may or may not have had a few tears with this one.)

7.  Breakers- Local Natives (This band has serenaded many of my runs and with this new album there are many songs that I am loving.)

8.  Spotlight- Leagues (One of my favorite additions to this list.  Gah.)

9.  Every Song- On and On

10.  Ink Slinger- Brooke Waggoner (No explanation needed.)

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