"The Invisible" by Daniel Bashta- Album Review

The Invisible I think the title of this blog might be a bit of a lie. I'm sorry. I don't mean it, but this will be not so much a review of the new Daniel Bashta album "The Invisible" so much as me trying, with all my written power, to persuade you to go out and by this album immediately.

Reason #1- The same brilliant (this is not stretch or exaggeration) team that produced my last album "Current," also, once again collaborated to produce this Bashta album. They did not hold back. They didn't play by any rules or candy coat or allow anyone to shove them within the tight constraints of a box. They just stood alongside Daniel and shaped the songs as they are meant to be shaped. The results are stunning.

Reason #2- The songwriting. Daniel is an intense life live-r and this is shown in his songwriting. There is never a moment on this album (unlike much of the Christian industry, unfortunately) where you don't think Daniel cares passionately about what he is singing. You never find yourself thinking, "it doesn't really sound like he knows who he is singing about." No, you listen and you think, "Ahhh, this is a very real God he is singing about and he is singing like he actually knows Him, very well." Daniel's songs are like a painting of who God is, a revelation of Christ and Daniel's painting is clear. We can clearly see our Savior. We don't have to strain our eyes at a fuzzy, blurry image, we can see Jesus in these songs. This is a great achievement of a songwriter/singer and Daniel does it flawlessly.

Reason #3- The singing. Passion. I remember being downstairs while Daniel was upstairs recording vocals in our studio and he was singing so passionately, with so much energy, with such belief and conviction, that I remember getting chills without even being able to hear any other bits of the song. Just his vocals only. He doesn't resign to doing this only once on this album but instead, song after song, he is singing with every ounce of his being. This kind of vocal performance stirs me, as a listener, to do just the same.

I could keep listing reasons. I could keep going on and on but it really comes down to this, there are few records in the Christian music industry still being made like this one. The kind where there is freedom, where there is creativity and musical excellence. The kind where you can see a creative, real, God within every note or beat or word. I believe that this album will change lives because of the great truth being clearly revealed within it.

Yes, you can hear me singing on various songs throughout the album and I even had the opportunity to co-write on the opening track called "I Want It All (Just Give Me Jesus)" and I couldn't be more proud to get to be a part of such a stunning project. Go out and buy this album now. Support Daniel and this record so that he can continue to make music that moves us and grabs us and hurls us into the presence of our Savior. Our real Savior and not some candy coated religious one.

Then, once you have listened repeatedly, I want you to come back and tell me which songs are your favorites. I say listen repeatedly because your favorites will change listen by listen. Every song is that good.

Ohhh I'm excited for you :)

Buy the album right here, right now:

Daniel Bashta "The Invisible"


Posted on February 5, 2013 and filed under Anything and Everything.