My Top 10 Blogs of 2012

Top 10 Blogs of 2012
Top 10 Blogs of 2012

At the start of each year I try to go back and take a look at the blogs that I posted over the 12 months and see which had the most impact or greatest response from you, the readers.  I'll admit, in doing so I am constantly humbled that you have invested your valuable time in following and reading my blogs and then even more astonishing, you have passed some of them along to your friends or co-workers or neighbors because they meant something to you and you wanted to share that meaning with them.  I am baffled that you wold do this and feel greatly honored by it.  Thank you from the depths of my being.  Your affirmation is a treasure of great worth.

So here we are again and I have my 2012 list.  These blogs rose to the top above the 50 something blogs that I posted over the year.  I hope you find some that you want to re-visit or re-share or perhaps even some that you have never seen and you can read for the first time.

Here goes:

1.  Music To Run To Blogs- Without a doubt, my music playlist's are the most popular blogs on my site.  I love it.  People stumble upon these lists from google searches for running playlists all the time and then frequently let me know that it was a happy surprise to find my blog.  Here are the Music to run to lists that I posted throughout 2012.  Happy running/listening.

Music To Run To #4

Christian Music To Run To #1

Christian Music To Run To #2

Music To Run To #5

2.  "Every Good Endeavor" By Timothy Keller (Book Review)- This blog had the most hits in one day than any other blog I've posted (probably because Timothy Keller tweeted a link to the blog also as well as his book publisher).  If you haven't read this book yet, you need to get it now and get it read!

3.  Freedom-Loss- I'll admit, I have been surprised by the number of hits and reads this blog has gotten.  I love that it hit a nerve with people and as a result it has been widely read.

4.  Burned By The Church Video Blog-  This video blog has been viewed almost 8,000 times in only the short 4 months since it was released.  What I love most is that it has been shared by hundreds of you.  Thank you.

5.  Never Underestimate How Weak You Are- This is one of those blogs that I needed to write for myself as much as for anyone else.

6.  Thankful/To Be Known- I was nervous about posting this blog on Thanksgiving Day because I thought perhaps everyone would be too busy to read it, but boy was I wrong.  You read and you shared even with turkey in your mouth and gravy on your chin.

7.  "Live For Now" And The Fool- I got angry and I wrote.  Boom.

8.  The Incision and The Pain Echo- Ahhh a Hope blog.

9.  Best Albums I Heard In 2012- I love making lists and apparently you love them too.  Music is cool.

10.  Live Performance Videos- In 2012 I released 4 of 5 performance videos that I filmed.  Each of these 4 videos and the blogs that they were attached to found their own spot at the top of last years most read/watched blogs.  Which one was your favorite?

Current- Live Performance Video

The Damaged- Live Performance Video

Galaxy Former- Live Performance Video

Laughter Comes Upon Us- Live Video

Now on to 2013...

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