Top Ten Best Things I Read In 2012

Top Ten Best Things I Read In 2012

Top Ten Best Things I Read In 2012

This list is varied.  There are books on this list that will thrill some and displease others.  There are books on this list that have changed my life and others that have just made the hours of their reading pleasant ones. Some that were released in 2012 and some that are much older but that I've only just read. There is fiction, non-fiction and some that hover in-between.

I love to read.

1000 pages or 100, I don't care, my only requirement is that the book moves me.  These are the 10 books that did just that.  I hope you find something here that will do the same for you :)

1.  Every Good Endeavor- Timothy Keller (I have about a 900 word gush about my love of this book in my blog “Every Good Endeavor” By Timothy Keller (Book Review)"

2.  Imagine- Jonah Leher (The sub-title for this book is "How Creativity Works" and I think each and every one of you creative types should read it.  Now.)

3.  How We Decide- Jonah Lehrer (Brains, thoughts, science...yes please.)

4.  The Light Between Oceans- ML Stedman (Beauty on paper.)

5.  The Great Gatsby- F. Scott Fitzgerald (I've read this book before but it was fun re-reading it thinking of the new movie coming out this next year...and yes I imagine Leonardo DiCaprio will be the perfect Gatsby.)

6.  London: The Novel- Edward Rutherford (1000 pages of London history.)

7.  Reason For God-  Timothy Keller (Mr. Keller talks about the hard things and guides us to understanding.)

8.  The Book Thief-  Markus Zusak (Oh the tears I wept in this book.)

9.  Life After God- Douglas Coupland (The book that the cool kids have read.)

10.  The Night Circus- Erin Mergenstern (Dueling magicians.  Enough said.  I expect a movie to be made from this book.)

Now your turn...Give me your favorite reads of the 2012.  Make them good. 

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