Sneaky Ninjas and God's Love (The "Jesus Loves Me APP" is here!)

There are many thoughts that people have about God and His relationship with us, His creation and I have often thought about how I would teach my daughter the truth about who He is and not some passed down set of thoughts or ideas that have no life or meaning in them. How do I describe love that is bigger than the heavens or so powerful that nothing could separate us from it? My husband and I have put our heads together with some of our other likeminded friends and tried to crawl inside the brains of our children to see how they would need to be told, how they would understand such a huge concept as the love of God. So we tied together a new set of visuals and a different vocabulary in a new format and we have wrapped them all up with vibrant colors and characters that we are praying does just that. Yes, sneaky ninjas and dinosaurs and furry puppies are all playing a part in the revelation of God's love. You can find out how by downloading the app right now. I hope your children enjoy and you find yourself grinning along with them. I can't wait to hear your comments.

Watch the promotional video here:

Download the APP here:

"Jesus Loves Me" iPad/iPhone APP

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(Happy Karaoke-ing :))

Posted on November 16, 2012 and filed under Anything and Everything.