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Almost a year ago I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Daniel Bashta. He is a musician with unbelievable talent and perhaps someone you haven't heard of yet (In the Christian music industry this isn't surprising, unfortunately, good music often equals: doesn't get heard). Over the last year he has recorded a new CD (I think he is calling it "The Invisible"), that will be released early next year, with my husband and our friend JT Daly in the producers seats. Let me tell you, this made for a ridiculous album recording triplet. A couple of weeks ago Daniel and his wife Taylor came to stay at our house while they were finishing the recording and I was able to hear the story behind his song "Let Hope In" that they co-wrote together and I was blown away. This song has such truth and capability to change peoples lives and after I heard the story of the song I was listening the final mix of the song and I thought, "This song will heal people. In the moment of the listening to this song, I think people will be healed." Now let me say something, I have never had this thought before and especially not about a song, but I couldn't help the stirring in my faith to believe what God could do in just the going out of His word through sound waves captured by 3 guys in a studio. Below I am posting the blog Daniel and Taylor wrote about this song "Let Hope In" as well as the link to where you can get the song for FREE and I pray that you will be crushed beneath God's love in it's hearing, just as I have.

"LET HOPE IN. So excited that we get to release the first song off the record. This song is FREE so please tell everyone you know about it.

About a year ago my wife wrote this blog called “Let Hope In” I would love for you to read this blog first and then listen to the song. May your life be filled with undeniable and unstoppable HOPE! Here is our story.

(This is a blog that my wife wrote last year, she is the most beautiful warrior I’ve ever met)

“Let hope Arise and make the darkness hide. My Faith is dead I need a resurrection somehow”.

This has been a very controversial line in “Like a Lion”. David Crowder sang the line at Passion, but several other worship guys have asked if they could change the line from “my faith is dead” to my “my faith is cold”. Daniel said yes of course, if they feel like that line is better for where they are playing, then that is what is most important.

But I’ve been thinking about this very thing lately. Hope. And Faith.

Hope has become Daniel’s anthem. It is written on his guitar.

It is written on his arm.

It’s the cry of our heart that through his music Hope will spring up!

There is something that I am hoping for in my life right now.

And I honestly struggle with letting hope in, because I fear disappointment. I fear pain.

When I start to feel the little flutters of hope, I shut them down, preferring to think “It probably won’t happen” because then I’ll be surprised if it does. That feels safe. But is that right? Sometimes my faith does feel dead.

Let Hope arise and MAKE the darkness hide. I like that idea better!

I was running last week and praying about all of this. D and I are attempting to train for the Nashville half marathon- we shall see. But I’ve had a lot of time to think as I run.

My conversation with God went something like this-

“God how do I let hope come in? I’m so afraid of being sad, disappointed, hurt etc! But I want to hope! I don’t want the enemy to have any place in my heart or mind or emotions- I want your hope. But I’m scared.” -sounds like a little girl- but it’s how I felt.

I felt like he said this. Taylor, all you are responsible for is letting yourself hope- let it grow inside of you! Let faith arise, don’t be afraid. And if it doesn’t happen when you think it should- let me take care of your heart. Leave it to me”.

I feel like from the moment we started our adoption process I had to trust. When we weren’t sure what was happening with the birth father, I had to trust. I’ve never had to trust so much in my life. Could this be for a reason? Could God be saying “I need you to learn this”. Well, I’m trying. I’m trusting. I’m letting the little flutters of hope arise inside of me. And I’m trusting that no matter the outcome- God is the one who takes care of my heart.

Even though sometimes my faith feels not only cold, but dead. I know it’s not. And I know that no matter what- I have the promise of a Father who loves me with his very life!

Are you hoping for something? Take the risk and dare to hope. Let that faith spring up.

If the worst happens- God will take care of our hearts.

But somehow I think through hope- miracles are coming!

(Today’s date is 6.22.11, As of 11.5 weeks ago we found out we are having a new bashta baby! I will conquer every curse!)

Daniel & Taylor Bashta"

Go get the song FREE here:

"Let Hope In"

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