My Warm House, Cloudy Day Playlist

Tomorrow we are having friends over to our house for dinner and a bit of costumes and trick-or-treating (for the kids...duh) and being the ahead-of-time-planner/ready-er that I am, I have been cooking and cleaning and preparing all day today. It's 50 degrees outside and cloudy so I pull up the most perfect playlist for this kind of day. What kind of music does a day like today call for you ask? I have pretty much all of the albums of these artists so I just dump the whole albums into my "Warm House, Cloudy Day" playlist and let the iPhone shuffle through at it's own mechanical will. Here are the bands/artists on the list, in case you find yourself needing a new cooking/cleaning playlist. Enjoy!

Innocence Mission- "Glow" Jonatha Brooke- Early Albums Ray LaMontagne- All Albums Active Child- "You Are All I See" Alison Krauss- "New Favorite" Patrick Watson- "Close To Paradise," "Wooden Arms" (This is the artist that makes my husband want to short circuit. He doesn't think it is calm at all...we differ here so be advised!) Fiona Apple-"Tidal" (The new stuff winds my stomach in knots) Grizzly Bear- "Veckatimest" Jeff Buckley- All Albums, EPs, Demos, etc. Aqualung- "Magnetic North" Over The Rhine- "Drunkards Prayer, "Good Dog, Bad Dog" Bon Iver- "Bon Iver," "For Emma, Forever Ago" Patty Griffin- "Living With Ghosts" Feist- "Metals," "The Reminder" Elliott Smith- A bit of 3 albums: "XO," "Figure 8," "New Moon" Lykki Li- "Wounded Rhymes," "Youth Novels" Emmylou Harris- "Stumble Into Grace" John Mark McMillan- "The Medicine" (Notice this is the only blatant Christian artist on this list? Kinda bums me out there isn't more that fits on this list) Travis- "The Man Who"

What artists/albums do you have in your "Warm House, Cloudy Day" playlist?

Posted on October 30, 2012 and filed under Anything and Everything.