Paper Route "The Peace Of Wild Things" Album Review

I waited. I wanted to make sure I wasn't being biased. I wanted to make sure I didn't blather or gush to such great extremes that you wouldn't trust me, BUT, the waiting hasn't helped. I am still going to gush.

There is a new Paper Route album out. It's called "The Peace Of Wild Things." On my instagram feed I said this about it

"I had my heart broken and rebuilt, burst and re-sewn today while listening to Paper Route's "The Peace Of Wild Things.'"

That sums this album up. I think they intend to crush our thoughts about life, death, love, and heartache and then stack those thoughts back up in a way we haven't seen them before. What is so beautiful and attractive about this album, though, is that they wrap these thoughts in such delicious music and melody that you can't turn away. Your ears need to hear more. Your heart needs to hum along. Gavin on the drums, Chad on who knows what, JT's voice plus who knows what and the brilliant people they have joining (Josh, Cacie, plus?), give of themselves honestly and our ears reap the reward. Here are just a couple of bits that have reached out and grabbed me, but seriously, this album as a whole is stunning.


If there’s a sonnet That makes you feel wanted Then sugar I’m on it Sugar I’m on it

A world in a world A shell to a pearl Is how I’ll protect you I’ll always protect you"

Seriously beautiful.

"Letting You Let Go

I don’t wanna hurt forever I don’t wanna keep on feeling I just wanna say what we both know I’m letting you let go Let go"

This is a song that is the ache of the album that is sung/produced so stunningly that I find myself taking a look at some of my greatest hurts and saying "I'm also letting you let go."

"Calm My Soul

My mother named me well My father worked the land In dust my ribs were formed And I’ll return again

Calm my soul"

"Glass Heart Hymn" catches you unaware.

"Tamed" is a balm.

Gush. Gush. Gush.

This album is beautiful and well worth the wait. It is the best thing I have heard in a long time and because of this I am rationing it. I haven't let myself devour it because I don't want it to grow old. I want this album to be one that I listen to for years. Pretty much just like the last Paper Route album "Absence" and everything else they've ever done. I am such a fan. Please don't tell the guys. How embarrassing.

Go buy the album here and let yourself sink into it:

Paper Route- The Peace Of Wild Things

Posted on October 14, 2012 and filed under Anything and Everything.