"Live For Now" And The Fool


I am going to rant.

That is just a caution because I don't want you to jump into reading this blog thinking you are going to wrap yourself in these words like a comfy blanket and feel all snuggly by the end.

No, I'm ranting.

A few weeks ago I watched bits and pieces of the VMA's (MTV's Video Music Awards) and while I was fast-forwarding through the show and it's commercials, I kept seeing the new Pepsi commercial with Pepsi's new slogan "Live For Now!" I had already seen billboards with their new marketing ads plastered on them but for some reason this commercial assault tipped me over the edge. My stomach began to boil and my face redden as I thought about the ugly reality of what the slogan is saying and the absolute necessity of our country's need to ignore it and actually do the exact opposite. But perhaps you don't really care about people's lives and their outcome, good or bad, when you are just trying to sell a soda. A soda with 150 calories and 41 grams of sugar per can. A soda that increases a child's odds of becoming obese by 60%. A soda that gives us absolutely nothing except for a bit of yum to our tastebuds during the few seconds of now that it is on our tongue.

Now don't think I am some "I drink only water and eat only grass(organic grass of course)" type of person. I will drink soda's occasionally. In fact it is hard to have Mexican food or pizza without a soda. But, it is this thought of not caring about the future or learning from the past that aggravates me. This is, in fact, the exact opposite of what I want to teach my daughter.

Now say's "Be a glutton"

Now say's "Think only about yourself"

Now say's "Forget consequences"

No say's "A one night stand isn't such a bad idea"

Now say's "It's ok to try meth just once"

Now say's "Don't work out or have any form of fitness"

Now say's "Live paycheck to paycheck, never saving"

Now say's "Charge it to your credit card"

Now say's "Procrastinate, Forget the needy, Forget about learning from mistakes, Don't set goals, Don't choose your President wisely, I don't feel too drunk to drive, Don't worry about what comes after death, Use your family food money on a night out drinking with friends."

Good grief, I could go on and on.

Living for now is the exact opposite of living responsibly. The definition of responsible is: "having a capacity for moral decisions and therefore accountable; capable of rational thought or action. Liable. Competent. Honest, capable, reliable, trustworthy." Each of these things, honesty or competency or trustworthiness, can only be gauged by reflecting on the past. You can only be deemed trustworthy if you are known for making moral, rational decisions in the past and understand and want to avoid the future repercussions of bad decisions made now despite the temporary adrenaline rush that might come from them. Families are crushed by living for now, relationships destroyed, finances bankrupted, marriages torn apart, careers ruined, and lives lost all for the desire to fulfill this Pepsi slogan and it makes me mad.

It makes me sad.

Foolish- Resulting from or showing a lack of sense; ill-considered; unwise. Lacking forethought or caution.

Fool- a person who lacks judgment or sense.

I want to be known by my friends, my family, my husband and my daughter as someone who lives the opposite life of living for now. I want to be known as being trustworthy, dependable, honest, patient and selfless. It is impossible, because of my sin nature, to live without failing in these areas BUT I want that to be my aim. I want to reach out and work hard to be known as someone who uses forethought and judgement instead of being known as being rash, selfish, not dependable, or impatient, volatile, flighty, unstable and foolish.

I will not set my goal as "Living For Now" because I value my/our future too much.

Posted on October 7, 2012 and filed under Anything and Everything.