Music To Run To #5

On Labor Day my husband and I decided to run in our local holiday road races, the 10k and 5k Franklin Classic. Since we have a 4 year old daughter who is not quite a runner yet, we chose to each run one of the races so that we could take turns watching her while the other was sweating it out in their race. I do a bit more running than my husband so I decided to run the 10k and he decided to do the 5k. The night before I sleepily put together what I hoped would be a good running playlist for the 6.2 mile race and then quickly forgot what I had chosen as I fell asleep. The 4:45 AM race day wake up call came fast and soon I found myself standing at the starting line, the definition of bleary-eyed. Well, well, well...let me just say this, the play list I put together the night before was


It was running playlist royalty and as a result of my upbeat mood and excitement after I finished the 10k, I decided to also run the 5k while pushing my 40 pound daughter in her 40 pound stroller alongside my husband.

This has led me to todays blog. You need this playlist, I just know it. I hope you enjoy (Please remember: I like weird music).

1. White Rabbits- Heavy Metal(I stumbled onto this album and band. I still don’t know anything about them but their album has not left my running playlist) 2. Broken Bells- The Ghost Inside 3. Ellie Goulding- Lights 4. Chairlift- Amanaemonesia (I can’t even pronounce this song but it doesn’t stop me from trying to sing along while I am running) 5. Imagine Dragons- It’s Time 6. St. Vincent- Actor Out Of Work (Can’t beat this beat and the guitar solo makes me grin…She.Is.So.Good) 7. Deadmau5- Some Chords (9 and a half minutes of four on the floor awesomeness) 8. Santigold- GO! 9. Miike Snow- Silvia (I made my husband listen to this song the other day and thought I would see him smile and bobbing his head like I do when I listen to it but he only grinned politely, once again reminding me that what I like is NOT necessarily what other people like…maybe I shouldn’t have made him listen to all 9 minutes of it…I couldn’t help it. I love it.) 10. Metric- Youth Without Youth (It’s gotta be impossible to run slow to this song)

Let me know if any of these songs make it into your own workout or running playlists and what you think about them in there. Also let me know what new songs you have found making you pick up the tempo in your own playlists. I love discovering new music so put them in the comment section below.

Yippee for good music!

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