Christian Music To Run To #2

It's that time again. Time for me to post my newest additions to my Christian music to run to playlist. Here are my thoughts about this playlist that I blogged on Christina Music To Run To #1:

"Running to an all Christian Music playlist can be dangerous. Perhaps it is only dangerous for music listeners like me, but let me tell you, if you add these songs to your running playlist and find yourself tripping over an unseen road hazard due to the fact that, instead of paying attention to what was in front of you, you were busy worshipping, don't blame me. I've warned you. But let's do this anyway. I am going to list my all time favorite songs that have been staples on my running playlist and then over time I will blog new running favorites songs that are creeping or bursting onto my playlist over the months."

I hope you find a few of these songs (if not all) are worth adding to your own playlist and they make your run as fun as mine! Enjoy...

1. Future Of Forestry- Love Be Your Mantra (Start your run with this will be your best run in a long time.)

2. Hillsong Live- Beneath The Waters (There are songs that make me want to close my eyes in worship with a grin on my face because of the revelation of my Savior that they carry with them , this is one of those but I have been extremely carefully not to while running…hehee)

3. Hillsong Live- I Surrender (I am a sucker for a slow driving song, especially one that builds to an anthemic bridge.)

4. All Sons And Daughters- Oh Our Lord

5. Jesus Culture- One Thing Remains

6. Leeland- The Sound Of Melodies (Leeland had two songs on my last running playlist and since then I have gone back and listened to their first album. This is a song off of that first brilliant album but there are many that I could've chosen from.)

7. Aaron Strumple- Never Finished (Are you kidding me, I could be faint from hunger and sleep deprived but this song would still make me want to go run.)

8. Scott Cunningham Band- There May be Tears (I just got this album from Scott himself and saw his 15 year old daughter Madison sing this song live. Yes, she wrote this song by herself and yes I said 15 years old. When I was 15, the extent of my writing was writing in a diary. Yep a really cool early 90’s diary with a lock and key.)

9. Thad Cockrell- A Great Rejoicing

10. NEEDTOBREATHE- Keep Your Eyes Open (The first time I heard this song I was driving in my car and it came on the radio. I knew my husband was at home about to head out for a run. I immediately called him and told him to download it and put it on his running playlist. We both love it.)

11. Lovelite- Every Breath Is A Chance (The beat plus Jen's voice equals running heaven. Period.)

12. David Crowder- Oh My God (Foot stomping fun)

Do you think something is missing from this list? Well just add your own suggestions in the comment section below then ☺

Posted on August 13, 2012 and filed under Anything and Everything, Music To Run To, Running and Ruminating.