What Mountains Have To Do With Desire

6:00 AM Fishing shot

I went camping. It is one of the things that my family has done for as long as I can remember and oh how I love it. Yes, there is a constant layer of dirt on me for the entire trip. Yes, my hands and fingernails smell like fish guts. Yes, I have the strangest tan lines even though I was constantly coating myself in sunscreen, but these are the minor disturbances to the great fun of camping. We hiked, we ran, we fished, we played games, we laughed, we rode horses, we ate (some of my all time favorite meals), we talked and we sat and enjoyed the beauty of the lake and mountains.

As I was sitting on an EARLY morning, with the fishing rod in my hands and soon to be caught fish circling my line, I looked at the mountains and listened. There was such perfection in the view and sounds. The sunlight was pushing its way around the tip of the mountain, enhancing the beauty of it's majestic shape while the Sandhill Cranes honked their loud trumpet-like call to each other across the blue lake and deer bowed their heads to their grass breakfast.

"My brother, Isaac, fishing with beauty surrounding"

"There is nothing like this that man has created," I thought. I reminded myself that even though I will be driving back down the mountain eventually re-joining the man made world, it is the God made world that we crave. We take off of work, we pack, we fly, we drive all so that we can be surrounded by something we had nothing to do with. We draw those lakes, mountains, trees, the creation around us to form a barrier between us, the God made, and where we live, the man made.

So now I sit my my house, reminiscing about what is only a week past and looking forward to next years camping trip. Why?

C.S. Lewis says

“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”

The parts of this world that are God-made and most untouched by man are like a strong aroma leading to this other world. They not only point towards our Creator but they pull us towards Him. They are whispers tugging at that desire for something more, stirring it and reminding us that we are constantly craving a relationship with our Creator.

I am going to let this refreshed longing pull me towards Him.

"Sky over the lake while fishing"

Posted on August 2, 2012 and filed under Anything and Everything.