Oh Yippee! Oh Yay!

Oh Yippee! Oh Yay! Oh My! The new Future Of Forestry album, "Young Man Follow," came out yesterday!

I honestly can't believe that I hadn't heard it was releasing until the day of, but I am happy knowing it is now warming it's spot in my iPhone. Here's what you need to know:

1. Great Music

2. Great Songs

3. Great Lyrics

4. Great Vocals

5. Great Drums

6. Great (imagine this going on and on and on)

I'm a fan of FOF (You can read my blog from last year called Revelations & Future of Forestry... where I once again gushed about them) and I think that they are one of the bands that have paved the way for the edgier more creative bands out there who are now doing well. Gungor, John Mark McMillan, both as well as many others are following in the worship/honest/creative music path that Future of Forestry wore down. Now here they are, once again releasing a cd that is great, within an industry where musical/lyrical greatness is few and far between. Eric Owyoung, the driving force behind Future of Forestry, once again allows us to see, a bit more, how truly beautiful our Savior is by singing to us about Him, using, quite well, the very beauty He created. Just try listening to "Love Be Your Mantra" without grinning.

So, stop what you are doing and go buy this album. Support Future Of Forestry and if you get a chance, go see them in concert. You will be blown away.

Let me leave you with the video trailer for the new album, enjoy!


Posted on July 11, 2012 and filed under Anything and Everything.