Natalie LaRue "Even Now" (Album Review)

I remember crawling into my mothers lap, even when I was much too big for her 5'6" frame and listening to her hum as she would rock and pat my back in the rhythm of the chair moving back and forth, back and forth. I even remember, later, still being lulled by that same humming, patting, rocking that she would use to get my daughter or other nieces and nephews to go to sleep and sleep they did, you can't resist such serenity. This is the feeling I got the first time I listened to Natalie LaRue's new EP, "Even Now." You may remember her from being the sister half in the early 2000 brother sister duo "LaRue." This is her first endeavor as a solo artist and yet the EP leaves you with the feeling these songs have been hummed for years. There is a confidence and assurance on this album that whispers to us to lean in, close our eyes and just listen.

Natalie's voice alone is enough to have you blow through the 6 song EP repeatedly without realizing you have done so. It lulls, it draws, it nudges, it urges. Then come the songs. They swing and sway leaving lyrics like a trail behind them

Back To You "your water is life But hurts just a little going down as I swallow my pride  And so I come back to you, back to you today"

May You Have Victory "Even now In the midst of this mess Constantly draining me when all I need is rest Will you hold up my arms As I face defeat Even now May you have victory"

Glory "and I am feeling at the end of me, and I feel like I can finally sing.

Glory, Glory, Glory..."

Home "and you're always calling me out when I run away hiding’s no use, in truth I want pursuit, and you’ll push through cause some how you know

And I found my heart, I lost my rights, I saw my dreams in your eyes"

This album is honest and rich and beautiful, which is actually something that is quite rare these days. So grab "Even Now" on iTunes and let it captivate you.

Posted on June 28, 2012 and filed under Anything and Everything.