When You Are Done Thinking Only About Yourself

There are things I know about my friends, whether deep, personal, long time friends, or people I have met at shows and continue to communicate with via social media or those of you whom I have never met in person but communicate with on Twitter, this blog, Facebook or good old-fashioned email. Here is what I know: 1. Some of you who have great influence. You have a platform that connects you with many people.

2. Some of you who have been greatly blessed financially and you are looking for ways to use it to bless others.

3. Some of you who have a blazing fire of a prayer life. You actually believe what the bible says about prayer and you scorch the world around you with your faith filled intercession.

4. You are fighters, pursuers, chasers, builders, protectors, champion-ers, supporters, defenders, sustainers, upholders, and givers.

You fit into one of these descriptions and so I am asking you to serve a family in need. You might know of a church called Reality Church in California and it's pastor, Britt Merrick. You might not. I have been listening to his podcasts for years and have been following his family's 3 year battle with their daughter, Daisy's cancer. She is only 8. Go to her website www.prayfordaisy.com where you can learn about her story and help. Give what you have an abundance of:

-influence, helping to spread the word and draw more people to give from their own abundances.

-money, helping give towards her half a million dollar treatments that are not covered by her insurance.

-prayer, helping cover this family in prayer, especially in these specific areas that they posted on Daisy's Blog:

1. Pray for the complete healing of Daisy Love Merrick 2. Pray for strength and encouragement for her brother, Isaiah 3. Pray for wisdom and grace for her parents, Britt and Kate 4. Pray for Christ to be their greatest treasure

So, contribute to hope. Band together with all of the others out there who are done thinking only about themselves and help Daisy.

Posted on June 25, 2012 and filed under Anything and Everything.