Our Burning Hearts

I am overly, hugely, amazingly, ecstatically, overwhelmingly excited to be able to finally say that the video blogsite, that my husband and I (along with a few other friends) have been working on for the past year, is finally launched! Woohoo! It is called "Our Burning Hearts" and here is the blurb from the site giving you some insight to it's purpose and foundation:

"Our Burning Hearts is a community of creative types from all walks of life who are united and inspired by God. This community desires to inspire hope within, encourage, foster and multiply a unique fusion of people who are looking for God inside everyday experiences. Through dynamic topical videos, blogs, stories and songs, the community of Our Burning Hearts aims to show people the radiant glory of God reflecting off of and throughout our lives. Then, in turn, leading people towards hope, faith, understanding, joy, love and purpose, towards their Creator. The words found written or spoken here have come from the honest perspectives of artists, musicians, speakers, worship leaders, photographers, leaders, and visionaries describing a real, active, present God and are for those who are searching, longing, burning for Him.

Our resident bloggers, which we like to call “creatives”, include Brenton Brown, Sarah Macintosh, Phil Wickham, Evan Wickham, Derek Henbest, Cas Andersen, Mike Hogan, Ted Vaughn, Paul Mabury, Rob Murray, Jimmy Robeson, Daniel Ornellas, Hanz Ives, and the list is growing everyday. We will be releasing new content every week. So be sure to subscribe on the "Our Burning Hearts" home page and help spread the word by liking us on Facebook."

Watch my first video blog for the site, then skip your fingers right over to the "Our Burning Hearts" home page where you can watch other videos, read some of the blogs and then subscribe so you won't miss out on anything coming up soon.

Here's my first video blog ever and it's for Our Burning Hearts



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Posted on June 13, 2012 and filed under Anything and Everything.