Song Choices For Acoustic "Current"

Sarah MacIntosh-Photo By Lynn Chyi

So, I am very happy with the response you guys gave me to my last poll. You guys would clearly love to hear me singing alongside David Crowder, John Mark McMillan, and Phil Wickham among others and so I will begin the reaching out process to make this happen. Perhaps now is time for the harder decision though. Which songs? Today I am coming to you with the question of which ones? Which songs have most reached out to you and grabbed a hold of you on this album "Current?" Which ones would you love to hear acoustic versions of?

Here is how this is going to work...I am going to ask your top 3 favorites that you would most want to hear on the album (see all 3 question boxes below) and then I will see which 5 or 6 songs end up rising to the top of the lists. I admit, it makes me a bit nervous. I hope your favorites are my favorites. I hope you are wanting to hear the same songs acoustically as I am. I trust you though. You are the reason that I record music, after all. Your choices are the ones I want! Yippee! Ok, get ready, get set, choose:

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Posted on May 20, 2012 and filed under Anything and Everything.