The Importance of Paul Baloche's New Album "The Same Love"

"The Same Love" People want to sing. This is a love that I have seen developing from a very early stage in my 3 year old daughter and I still see it in the faces of adults worldwide. There is something about the constant hum in our throats, the rise and fall of melody and the poetic phrasing of life that grabs a hold of our chests, pulling us towards the need to express ourselves through music and song. It has never mattered if you have a voice like Celine Dion, Dave Grohl or a big belly-ed toad frog, we gravitate towards music to be the soundtrack of our lives. Perhaps Rage Against The Machine (if you were like me) during my angst-y/full of myself/think I'm cooler than I actually am/teenage years. Or maybe you listen to Adele's 21 after a recent breakup, expressing your heartache. Maybe nothing but Bjork will work, on your iPod, when you are feeling creative or Muse for a quick paced run or Ray LaMontagne for dinner on the back porch with your love as the sun sets. Why are these albums the ones needed for these moments in our lives? Because their lyrics and music were crafted by the best of the best to express the truths and emotions of those moments.

Adele: "Close enough to start a war All that I have is on the floor God only knows what we're fighting for All that I say, you always say more

I can't keep up with your turning tables Under your thumb I can't breathe"- Turning Tables/ 21

Rage Against The Machine: "In the right light, study becomes insight But the system that dissed us Teaches us to read and right"- Take The Power Back/ Rage Against The Machine

Ray LaMontagne: "Listen when All of this around us'll fall over I tell you what we're gonna do Hey you will shelter me my love I will shelter you If you shelter me too I will shelter you" Shelter/ Trouble

So this leads me to staring out at the faces of a group of people desiring to sing to their Savior. What words can I hand out to them? What words and songs do I choose for this moment when I know they need to express their love, hope, grief, joy, and awe? What song do I sing that will help cement this moment of worship into their hearts as they leave this building and go out into the roar of this world? These are the questions I ask myself and leads me to the point of this blog. Paul Baloche has consistently written the very songs that I am describing. With songs like "Our God Saves," "Open The Eyes Of My Heart," "Hosanna" and "Glorious," Paul has been handing us, worship leaders and worshippers alike the words and melody that we need to express our response to the fragrance of eternity placed within us. To respond to unconditional, unequivocal, unequaled, and unending love.

This new album of Paul's is needed. It is a Mary Poppins bag of songs that we can draw from to fit inside our mouths and hearts, ready at a moments notice to express the vastly important song of a creation's love for our Creator.

Go get the album.

"The Same Love"

Posted on April 3, 2012 and filed under Anything and Everything.