The Damaged- Live Performance Video

What kind of song do you write when you feel like you stood on wobbly legs for the last time only to be knocked back down again? What kind of words do you share when it feels like the tiny tears in you heart have met each other and now you see only gashes?

What kind of melody is sung from lips on the face of someone who has found themselves in mud after life's storms have pounded so relentlessly?

What kind of song is the white flag of surrender? The deep aching groan for help? The last whisper before words dry up?

What kind of song acknowledges, even if only in the asking, that their is a place to reach for? Someone to grab for? Help to be found? Someone who will rescue?

This song is my answer:

The Damaged- Live Video Performance

Please pass this song around to any you may know who need to fit these words inside their fragile beating hearts.

The Damaged Sarah MacIntosh

Red is the color of my heart as it cries hush hush Pouring like the river torn apart as it pleads hush hush Keep stepping further from the scene whisper softly hush hush Wreckage scattered wildly crumbling look away and hush hush

I don’t want to be the one whose broken I don’t want to be the one who falls apart I don’t want to be damaged

Keep binding, sewing, mending no one notice hush hush Stitches gather wounds and keep them clean mine are numbered hush hush Face twitching sweaty palms are tells mine are screaming hush hush Eyes down and waiting for the gale start the tipping hush hush

I don't want I don't wanna be I don't wanna be...