Dam The Valley...

Dillon Reservoir, aka Lake Dillon, is situated up in the mountains approximately 70 miles west of Denver, Co. In 1961, the city of Denver decided that it needed a water reserve in the high country and they dammed what was the small lake of Dillon and a convergence of a couple of rivers, flooding the original town of Dillon, Co. and the surrounding valley. While visiting the area a while back I was blown away to find out that I was sitting in a café that had been moved from down in the valley and the old town of Dillon to the new location, now at the edge of the reservoir along with many homes in 1960 before the valley was flooded. I couldn’t believe what crazy lengths people went to for this endeavor but with further probing I discovered that the reservoir now provides water to upward of 1.3 million people in the Denver area. That is a lot of need. That is a lot of life. Because of this, the Denver Water company has strict guidelines about people using the lake, boats on the lake and even being near the lake to protect their water source and thus the life source of so many Coloradans.

It was no wonder that I thought about this reservoir the other day when I read Proverbs 11:4. It says,

“A thick bankroll is no help when life falls apart, but a principled life can stand up to the worst.”

Another beautiful valley and trees were not what the city of Denver needed. When the city of Denver is in draught, the people are able to make it due to the fact that they have planned and stored up and protected the water they need. This verse is making the same statement to me, giving me a clue in life that when I am in a state of draught, money will be of no help. Although this is not what the world would tell us, money, with her allure and empty promises, cannot stand up to the worst BUT a principled life can. A reservoir of righteousness delivers every time.

Maybe, you have stockpiled the wrong thing, or even nothing at all, but you are starting to notice that you are in need of a reserve. Life is pulling on you, drawing from you and you are looking around, frantically for a source of deliverance.

Principled- Imbued with or having moral principles.

Righteous- Morally right or justifiable. Acting in an upright, moral way; virtuous.

Begin making a plan. Move stuff around in your life, even if it is hard or seemingly impossible, like moving an entire home up a hill to make way for a valley’s flooding. Don’t let you mind linger on the old things that will be no longer be available, because there is no room for both greed and moderation and generosity. Avarice and righteousness cannot abide together, so don’t grieve for it. Instead dam the valley and store up what can stand up to the worst in life. Stockpile virtue

Posted on March 12, 2012 and filed under Anything and Everything.