One. More. Week.

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I can't believe I am only one week away from the release of my new CD "Current." Already today I am sitting in shock that Relevant Magazine has my CD up for anyone to listen to on "The Drop." Already I am having people listen and contact me about how it is impacting them. Whoa! This is blowing my mind. Thank you to all the tree like branches who are getting word about my new CD out there and to all of you who are newly finding these songs.

I feel like next Tuesday will be spent with all the air making a steady exit from my lungs. The great exhale. That is what these songs on this new cd are, an exhale of the things I have been mulling over, learning, contemplating, wrestling with, running from and running to. These are the words, wrapped in melody that describe a heart that desires to stand alongside her Creator/Savior. These are the words that sing to Him, cry out to Him, whisper to Him and shout praise to Him.

I have blogged before about my nervousness or worry about there being life in these songs in my blog "Penguins..." and there is still a tinge of nervousness but, like a huge wave swelling to a peak, I am rejoicing at the completion of this cd and the thought that they are now your songs, no longer just mine.

Go have a listen at and then tell your friends your thoughts about the songs and music. Pass it along. Share. This CD is for you after all. Then, go and pre-order the CD here:

Sarah MacIntosh "Current"

I can't wait to hear your thoughts about it!

Posted on February 28, 2012 and filed under Anything and Everything.