So It Begins...

Here I go. I've made a u-turn and am heading back into what may possibly be the hurt zone. Years ago I was in a band on the christian record label, Sparrow Records. We released bits of our hearts on a CD that they released to big media acclaim and even bigger radio and sales failure. I packed my bags and headed to California where I thought I would have to pursue "non-christian" music in order to have a career since my christian music was not connecting with the christian audience, but, a funny thing happened, the more I found myself recovering from the backlash of rejection, the more obviously christian and God centered my lyrics became. I wrote tons of songs that are so dark and depressing that even Edgar Allen Poe would tire of them, but, the songs I was most excited about writing were the songs about life, hope, joy, peace, comfort, resolution...the songs about my Savior. The Savior of mine who was active in this transition time of my life and still is. I tucked away the Poe-esque songs (well most of them, I still think there is a need for lament songs in our worship) and I started bringing out these new bits of my heart for others to hear. And you know what happened? Laughing and tomato throwing? No, connection. I saw understanding on the faces of those who were hearing my new songs. I heard their hearts of thankfulness for putting words to their stories. And so I turned my ship back around and headed back into the unknown waters of christian music. (You can read my blog about signing with Integrity Music here: "Yep, I’ve Signed With Integrity Music!") I am, with my friends at Integrity, pushing forward into the place that I once thought might crush me with the hope that there are those out there who will grab a hold of these new songs of mine and say, "Yes! This is for me! These are the songs of my heartbeat." Are you out there? I've heard whispers about you and I'm coming with a slew of songs we can sing, cry, and shout together.

The first step is a single, a song called, "We Should Run." I will be writing a blog about it later, but for now you can call your radio stations and request it as well as trotting right over to iTunes and downloading it right here:

"We Should Run"

You are the tree like branches who will help me get this song and my upcoming CD out there, so stretch out your long arms by re-tweeting, sharing and whispering to those around you while you join me singing

"We should run, we should be laughing We should look and see, He is lifted high! We should shout, we should be dancing We should call and find a Savior who's alive!"