All Sons And Daughters- Reason To Sing (Album Review)

I have been patient. I have waited, bitten my tongue and hummed under my breath all the while knowing something great was coming and I could tell everyone I know about it. Well, it's time. I can tell you now, knowing you can buy it soon. On January 17th, the new EP from All Sons And Daughters called "Reason To Sing," is out and you need to wake up, first thing next Tuesday, and immediately buy it. I was able to get an advanced copy of this EP a while back and have yet to remove it from my car. I have spent hours driving alone to and from airports singing at the top of my lungs to these worship filled songs till I was hoarse. As I think about this, it is hard for me to even imagine myself doing this. First of all, it is an EP, meaning not a full length CD and although there are fewer songs, I had no problem listening to the CD top to bottom repeatedly and if I am correct, neither will you. It is hard to say which songs are my favorite. Normally there are 12 songs on a CD and 2 or 3 rise to the top as favorites but since this is an EP it feels like they have cut to the chase and we are just getting the best of them, as writers, worship leaders, singers...people. This CD is just that, this is the best of David Leonard and Leslie Jordan, the duo that makes up All Sons And Daughters, and I am thrilled that they would share themselves and their worship so freely with us so that we can join in and worship right alongside them.

If I had to choose 3 songs as my favorites off of this CD I would do it like this, I would ask myself which songs have I found in my head long after the CD is turned off? Which songs have I shouted along with? Wept with? Whispered out like a prayer?

Which songs have I worshiped most freely with?

They would be:

Oh Our Lord All Praise To You Wake Up

And like I said before, I have sung these songs at the top of my voice till I was hoarse and then I've kept singing them, croaking like a worshipping frog. I hope you find yourself doing the same.


Follow this link to the EP, download and wrap yourself up in these songs. Enjoy. All Sons And Daughters: Reason To Sing Ep No. 2

Posted on January 8, 2012 and filed under Anything and Everything.