Singing the song of Christmas...

I don't know why, but this year I felt like I wanted to wait till it was actually December before talking about my Christmas CD. In fact, I have downloaded and made a playlist of all of my favorite Christmas music along with all of the new CD's that have come out this year (no, not the Justin Bieber Christmas) but I still couldn't bring myself to listening to it yet. There has been something, since becoming a mother, that has caused me to want to slow down, take a deep breath and live in today's moment. My daughter is now only 3 years old and explaining Thanksgiving was something that needed to be done for a large portion of the month of November, yet I still am unsure she truly understands what the holiday was about. So, since I didn't want to confuse her by going straight out of the turkey stupor into the candy cane madness I have waited, and I'm thankful that I did.

So, here we are, December 1. Let's charge straight towards Christmas with all the holiday cheer it brings.

One of the most Christmas-y things about this season, to me, is the music. Because of that, I thought I might make my own version of this holiday's songs so that if you found yourself wanting to decorate your tree, snuggle by the fire, bake in the kitchen, take a long drive into the snow laden country, or wrap gifts with the soundtrack of Christmas songs then perhaps my CD would be the one that would make the moment right.

The songs are traditional and familiar except the one that I wrote myself called "There Is A Star." You can find my thoughts behind why I wrote this song in my blog "With One Breath He Came." The CD is a swirl of glockenspiel, vibraphone, tympani drums, marimba, among many other instruments. I ha, haaa'd and oh, oooh'd stacking and layering my vocals one on top of the other until I thought I might pass out. All so that the Christmas songs sounded like Christmas songs.

If this sounds like a Christmas season soundtrack that you would like to add to your Christmas playlist then go download it here on my music page, it's only $5:

"With One Breath He Came"

Merry Christmas and happy Christmas memory making!

Posted on November 30, 2011 and filed under Anything and Everything, Stories Behind Songs.