Today is not a glimmer...

To me…Today is not a glimmer but a gleam. Today is not a whisper but a shout. Today is not an ending but a beginning. Today is not small but huge.

Today is the day that I will film 5 songs off of my new record, live, with the help of some of the best players I know. Along with my husband on the electric guitar, joining me will be Paper Route’s JT Daly and Josh Orr, Aaron Redfield, Brooke Waggoner, Timbre Cierpke (a singing harpist!) a group of people forming a 6 piece string section, as well as the famed mixing guru Shane D Wilson making us sound lovely and super videographer Michael Dalton making us look lovely.

Yesterday I sat on the flight from Denver to Nashville thinking, “How has this happened? How did I get so lucky? Is this real life?”

Well last night we rehearsed and I'll be honest, I am so proud and thrilled by the way it sounds (I mean come on, harp, piano, strings and sometimes dual drummers among other great stuff), that I am still wondering if this is really happening. Well, unless this is the longest dream I've ever had, then it is real life and a very wonderful one it is.

I am beyond thrilled to be able to capture these songs in a live setting, with all hands on deck trying to pull off the cornucopia of sounds that are found on my CD.

I will be keeping you posted on when the video’s will be finished and ready for your eye’s consumption, but until then would you pray I don’t forget my own words, forget what to do with my hands in front of a camera like Will Farell, and that the filming of these songs will capture the exhale of life that these songs were written from.

Thanks friends!

Posted on November 16, 2011 and filed under Anything and Everything.