Making Friends While Moving Around...

The past three months my husband, daughter and I have been living in a semi-homeless state while traveling around region to region and singing. I say semi homeless because indeed we do not have a home we own or are paying rent on, at the moment, but we have always had a place to stay. You can read about this on my blog "Relating Myself To The Turtles...." I'll admit that I was a bit nervous when we started this journey. Not so much about the travel (thousands and thousands of miles logged by car and plane) but about the friend making. We knew when we started this travel, that we would be doing something new. Normally I fly into someplace where I get picked up from the airport, then transported to a venue where I sing and then I get transported back to the airport in order to board a plane back home or on to the next venue. With a schedule like this, it leaves little time for making friends but this is something we knew we wanted to change.

When many people think about the "church," they get a nice little visual of their 1000 seat auditorium where they have spent many Sunday mornings over the past few years of their lives. But, a few years ago, I stood on a stage, on a Sunday morning and looked out across the thousand or so faces looking back at me and saw so much more. I listened to their voices singing and began imagining the thousands/millions of voices that were being lifted up in worship that morning/that day across the globe. The sound of English/French/Spanish/Italian/German/Russian among all the other tongues on our planet singing out to our one, worship worthy Savior.

That is the church.

She is huge, multi-lingual. Her face is the face of a white haired grandmother of 25 grandkids in Texas, of a platinum-hair-dyed, lip-pierced 19 year old ex-junkie in London, of an ebony skinned orphaned youth in Africa, of a girl like me. The church is the face of anyone turned, lifted up towards their Creator.

These are the people. This is the church that I wanted to wade into. Meeting those in it and being around long enough to have lunch with her instead of a two sentence conversation as I ran to my next plane.

And this is what we have done.

We have coffee-d, lunched, dinner-ed, talked, cried, laughed, shared, dug and planted with those faces of the church while moving slowly through cities and states. My heart has filled and filled with conversation and relationship with this massive church and I have only recently found one downside. When relationships are made that are deeper than a two sentence conversation then it is difficult to leave, but this is still what we need to do right now. While it is hard to move out of each city we are eager to move into the next and begin the meeting/getting to know new/other faces of the church.

We are homeless, yes , but we are making so many friends while moving around.

Goodbye San Diego, Utah, Colorado.

Hello Texas. (YeeHaw!)

Posted on November 2, 2011 and filed under Anything and Everything.