Just a few days ago I wrote a blog reviewing the new CD "Ghosts Upon The Earth" by the band Gungor("Multiple Album Review (Leeland, Phil Wickham, Gungor)"). At the end of the blog I mentioned that I would be seeing them live in concert for the first time this last Friday and was eager to see if they could pull off the spectacular CD in a live setting. After posting that blog I heard back from many people via Twitter, Facebook and through comments on the blog, that they do in fact pull off the music live, but, as I found out, the whole Gungor band/collective would not in fact be playing at the show I was attending. Instead it would be only 3 members, husband and wife, Michael and Lisa Gungor, with a 3rd musician tagging along. I found myself deflating the high expectations I had for their show and packing it away for another time I could see them fully banded. Because, honestly, how could they pull off their sound with only 3 people?


After two opening acts I was ready for something great to happen or, to leave the concert. I tend to be a bit of a concert snob and if you aren't showing me something different or better or more creative than your CD then I get bored and would rather go home and listen to your CD while making dinner.

Onto the stage walk the Gungors, Lisa in a flow-y cream colored dress with the look of a sprite who just left the confines of her forest home, Michael with a black top hat that said "Welcome, I will be the master of ceremonies, follow me this way..." Then, onto the stage came an unassuming cellist who sat down behind a mic and put his bow to his strings.

They begin.

The first song being tapped out of Michael's guitar is "When Death Dies," off of their new CD. "Pretty bold," I think to myself, to start off the show with a strange(a great kind of strange) song that most people probably aren't familiar with yet, due to the newness of the CD. Most people would start the show with something familiar, perhaps off of the last CD.

Not the Gungors, thank goodness.

The song ebbs, our ears feeling pleased and intrigued.

"Where is he taking us?"

"Where is he taking us???"

Cello, vocals, guitar all moving flowing till...gasping intake of air!

The cellist



"Ahhh!" The crowd gasped and Michael and Lisa smile, almost as if to say "You're welcome." But they would probably never be so proud as to say that, that is only what I imagine, because that is the response to what our hearts were beating. Throughout the whole, entirely too short, show, our hearts responded to their music with "Thank You's!"

"Thank you for being fearless"

"Thank you for bringing back creativity into Christian music"

"Thank you for moving us again, for showing us we are still alive"

"Thank you for not settling"

"Thank you for taking/letting us go with you..."

I can not tell you enough what a powerful show it was. You MUST see for yourself. Michael announced from stage that they will be headlining a tour of their own in the spring, back through all of the cities that this tour is taking them. Go see them. Do not miss it and find yourself days later reading a blog from me about how amazing it was. Follow them on Twitter so that you can be the first to hear when they announce the tour dates and cities. Then head to ticketmaster or wherever they sell the tickets and buy them for you and your friends.

You can thank me later. :)

And just maybe we will be at the same show, in the dark, crowded audience with our hearts beating together, our "thank you's."

Posted on October 18, 2011 and filed under Anything and Everything.