Favorite Christian CD's...

I thought about only asking around for people's 1 favorite Christian CD but then I thought, "If you are like me, it will be hard to pin it down to one CD."

So give me your top 5 list and give me a bit of a reason as to why they are your favorite. Is it the songwriting? Is it the voice? Is it the live show that was so awesome that you wanted to bring it home?

I'll get it started and give you my current top 5:

(Oh dear...now that it has come for me to list 5 I am seeing how difficult it is to even narrow it down to 5. I will definitely accidentally leave some out...)

1. Leeland-Awakening. I intended to list Leeland's first cd "Sound of Melodies" here because it holds a hugely special place on the great Christian CD list I have in my head, but this new CD is so great that it has edged that first cd out. This makes me very happy because I didn't think anything could top that first cd.

2. John Mark Mcmillan- The Medicine. My friend, Brenton Brown, told me about John Mark and this CD quite a while ago and I'll admit, on first listen, I thought, "eh...that's a lot of delay on those guitars." Then little by little it grew on me and I was happy to be blanketed in by songs like Carbon Ribs and Reckoning Day.

3. Hillsong United- Aftermath. I love the new feel of this record. Everything from the drumming to the songs is great. I doubt that people will be incorporating these songs into their Sunday morning worship set as easily as they have past Hillsong songs but the songs on this CD can fit into any playlist of mine and the quality of the recording stands right alongside other great general market CD.

4. Jars of Clay-The Shelter. There are great songs on this CD, great creativity, great collaborations, great lyrics...I could go on and on.

5. Future of Forestry- Travel. I could probably choose any of the Future of Forestry CDs because I simply love the creative freedom that Eric Ouwyong displays. There is no holding back, he is truly showing how creative Christian artists can be.

There are CD's I'm leaving out but I'm just going to go for it and post these...

You join in and post yours, letting us all see how much truly great Christian music is out there.

Ready. Go.

Posted on October 3, 2011 and filed under Anything and Everything.