JT Daly, A Chamber Orchestra and My New CD...

I remember the day(or night rather) clearly when I crawled into my camper (my family and I were camping in the Rocky Mountains) and picked up my vacation abandoned phone to find a gift waiting for me in the inbox of my email. I had been waiting on it and now here it was waiting on me. With three taps I started the download process of one of my songs, sent back to me by JT Daly, one of the producers on my new record (my husband Jonathan MacIntosh is the other producer and they teamed up to make the duo "Jay-tonny" or some such word sandwich of their two names). JT is some kind of mythical artist/musician. You know, the kind that hides in studios (the type of studios that just as easily have paint and brushes as well as guitars and harps), you have phone conversations with him, email with him, brainstorming/song writing/music pushing/crafting dialogue, you send song scraps to him and he sends back wonder and yet somehow you never actually see him in person. Sometimes you doubt he actually exists at all.

On this particular day, though, I didn't yet know what this Sarah Mac/JT/Jonny combination would be. We were all so hopeful. I know I was so expectant that I didn't think we could combine and live up to my expectations, my hopes. Then I sat back on my camper bed, in the dark, slid on my earphones and Ahhhhhh! I laid there with tears in my eyes. JT had written a string part (played on a keyboard) on my song "Current" that is so beautiful that I must've listened to it 30 times in a row.

Later my husband (Jonathan MacIntosh) hired an actual string arranger/player/conductor, Alexander Michael Tseitlin (The Fall of AI), out of L.A. to record the live strings that would end up on the record. Eventually they filmed a chamber orchestra playing a portion of the song and my husband let me see it last night where I, once again, found tears filling my eyes.

I love music and the way it moves me. It can lift or bring down. It can calm or cause riots. It can shout or whisper. It can groan or laugh. It can encourage, motivate, challenge, push, draw out, explain, or give hands to and I am so very thankful that I get to be a part of this industry.

Below you will find the clip of the string section playing the intro to my song "Current" that I've just written about. I hope you enjoy.


Also if you want to hear/buy my brand new CD with this song on it, you can check it out here: Sarah MacIntosh "Current"