The Best Music Marketing...

The other day I was assaulted via Twitter and Facebook and CNN and Youtube and links and photos etc. by various unrelated, non-music marketing employed, normal people concerning the recent U2 concert in Nashville, TN. The words used in the posted messages were








Larger Than Life





I found myself wishing I still lived in Nashville and could have been present at this show. I found myself going back and wanting to pull out my U2 records and CDs and to listen to this band that has once again made a huge positive impression on their fans. I watched as the internet and social media lit up with praise and affirmation of this talented band and was happy that they are still blowing peoples minds and touching people with their music and it left me thinking:

The best marketing you can have for your music is to be great at what you do.

You don't need to have a huge, well funded machine behind you putting you on every late night talk show or reality tv show. You don't need to sell your cd on Amazon for 99 cents to boost album sales. You don't need to have a super revealed/tragic/extreme personal life that is covered in every magazine.

The reason everyone was talking about U2 was because they were great at what they do.

I find myself saying, "Sarah, do you have room to grow and get better at this thing called music that you love to do so much? UH! YES!" I tell myself.

We can always be better.

So whether you are a musician or accountant or banker or stay at home mom/dad or student or teacher, don't sit back waiting for someone else to make life happen for you. Be great at whatever it is that you do and light up the lives of those who are around you.