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I feel like this day will be spent with all the air making a steady exit from my lungs. The great exhale. That is what these songs on this new cd are, an exhale of the things I have been mulling over, learning, contemplating, wrestling with, running from and running to. These are the words, wrapped in melody that describe a heart that desires to stand alongside her Creator/Savior. These are the words that sing to Him, cry out to Him, whisper to Him and shout praise to Him.

I have blogged before about my nervousness or worry about there being life in these songs in my blog "Penguins..." and there is still a tinge of nervousness but, like a huge wave swelling to a peak, I am rejoicing at the completion of this cd and the thought that they are now your songs, no longer just mine.

Can you help me get them out there? Can you Tweet, link, facebook share and tell anyone/everyone about this new cd? I am an independent artist which technically means I don't have a label guy, or radio guy, or publicity guy but I think really I should be called a "dependent artist" because I am dependent on you, the listener to pass this music along, ear to ear, hand to hand, like a tree's roots, snaking their way underground.

Would you be my underground roots?

Here's how you do it:

#1. Go listen and buy the cd yourself. Here is the link on ITunes where you can sample and buy the songs as well as rate the cd and leave a comment review (this is important and only takes a second).

Sarah MacIntosh- Current on ITunes

Also you can get a hard copy of the cd by clicking the "Music" tab at the top of the page or going here:

Sarah MacIntosh- Current, hard copy

#2. Share the link on Twitter using my @sarahmacintosh name.

#3. If you blog, like me, then listen and review the cd. Telling your readers all your thoughts about it.

#4. Facebook (and now Google+) share the link to all of your facebook friends by just copying and pasting it into your status bar.

#5. Go old fashioned and just simply tell your friends over coffee. Ahhhh.

#6. Finally, fit these songs inside you mouth. Let them fill the air around you, reverberating with the sound of your voice joining mine.

I would love any comments or feedback on your thoughts about the CD and songs. I can't wait to hear which ones connect with you and where you are at in this moment in life. Comment here on this blog (Just below you can see the comment box) and tell me.

These songs are for you, thank you for your constant encouragement that helped carry me to the point where it is now finished :) I hope you enjoy!

Sarah MacIntosh-Current

Posted on July 12, 2011 and filed under Anything and Everything.