I wrote a song. It stuck around, lingering in my mind until I found myself recording it, thinking that perhaps there were those of you out there that might identify with this song. Maybe you would want to find yourself singing it while in the shower or alone in your car or NOT alone in your car or running or dancing around in the kitchen cooking dinner or while cleaning the bathroom (making it just a bit more bearable) or while you lay, eyes close, on the grass in the summer sun. This song is a banner. It is a huge flag that is waved before anyone who is being pushed and pulled away from love, saying, "Hold on! You can do it! Lock your fingers, put one foot in front of the other, clasp your hands tightly, dig your feet in! Push! You can do it!" Because life says it is not worth holding out, running the whole race. Life wants to tear us apart from those we love. Life says that it is not worth the pain to push until the end. Life says we deserve a break. Life says to quit, to give in, to give up. But,

Love says it is worth it.

Love says we can do it.

Love says to hold on.

Please enjoy this new song of mine for free and let me know those places where you find yourself singing out at the top of your lungs

"Don't let go. Don't let me go!"


Posted on July 4, 2011 and filed under Anything and Everything.