The Day After Father's Day...

The day before Father's Day I spent much eye to eye contact with my daughter, explaining what it is that we were celebrating. I told her, "Tomorrow is a day where you get to tell your Daddy how much you love him." She says back to me, "But I doooo love him, very much, already today!" In that simple statement she expresses reality. She loves her father the day before Father's Day, she loves him the day of Father's Day and the day after that and the day after that. She hasn't held all of her love from him till the one day a year where he is celebrated. She is constantly celebrating and gushing her love for him with her arms around his knees, dive bombing him on the couch, chasing him around the kitchen and busting in on him in the studio. She has, what I like to call, google-y eyes for her father and her unrestrained mouth oozes with love for him.

It would seem strange if a child were to take one day only to love and cherish their father. It would make you wonder if there were something wrong with their relationship if they only set aside a one day a year or even one day a week for loving him yet, this is what many of us do every week. We wait and hold all of our love expression for our Heavenly Father till Sunday, thinking that it is enough. We run and grab our bible as we head out the door in a flurry on Sunday morning, forgetting that we haven't spoken to Him or expressed our love to Him once since the previous Sunday.

Sit down today and evaluate. Are you the one waiting till a special occasion, perhaps Christmas or Easter or even Sunday's only, to love your Heavenly Father?


Are you living your life right now, not just in word but in action, as if to say, "But I doooo love him, very much, already today!"

"Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence...."-Matthew 22:37

Posted on June 20, 2011 and filed under Anything and Everything.