Knots That Bind #12...

"Search me [thoroughly], O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts!" Psalm 139:23

Last week in my "Knots That Bind #11..." blog I wrote about the first section of this beautiful Psalm and throughout the week my thoughts have lingered on it, sometimes at the forefront of my mind and sometimes hovering towards the back, only making themselves known randomly.

It was one of these random moments where this verse jumped out at me one more time when I went to our mailbox today and saw the cover of the new Rolling Stone magazine. As you can probably imagine, the cover shot is one of the uber popular Lady Gaga.

As I caught a glimpse of her crazy hair/makeup/getup on the cover, I found myself a bit sick to my stomach.

"Really? Another place where I am being assaulted by this woman?"

It seems like everywhere I turn she is being pushed, no, shoved on me and it is making me feel a bit like I've just eaten 12 Quarter Pounder's with cheese in a row.

"Oh, I liked that burger on the first one but please, please, please don't force me to eat another."

She is everywhere and the media(American Idol, CNN, Rolling Stone, Amazon) all have little tidbits that they are throwing at us in an attempt to get us to buy into the Lady Gaga enterprise.

It reminds me of a girl I knew in high school. She was very pretty and quite smart but didn't know it. In fact I think that she thought otherwise. So much so that when we were in a group of people she laughed a little too loudly, her clothing was always a little to provocative, her makeup caked on a little too heavily, and her thoughts blurted out too quickly all in an attempt to get anyone's attention/devotion/friendship/love.

The result of her smothering was a withdrawal of those around her, both girls and boys. No one got closely enough to ever know her very well because there was the risk of suffocation. So she hovered, never becoming more than a persistent annoyance to those of us that clicked together.

So, If we walk all the way around from Lady Gaga and my friend in high school back to this verse I can see why my brain was holding on to it, waiting for the right moment to bring it shooting towards the front of my thoughts again. We desire to be known. Really, really known. Not in the way the public media stalks and thinks they know Lady Gaga but really KNOWN. There is someone who can know us this well. His name is Jesus and we can relax, at ease, because He knows us and always wants us closer. He always wants more of us. He always desires our company. So find yourself whispering to Him today "Investigate my life, O God, find out everything about me; cross-examine and test me, get a clear picture of what I'm about."(MSG translation)

***Side Note- Sorry if this blog containing Lady Gaga is just the 13th Quarter Pounder for you. At least I'm not trying to sell you her record :)

(This is my newest blog in a weekly series where I share my thoughts behind some of my favorite scriptures out of the bible. If you want to see why I've started this weekly undertaking you can go back and read my blog called "Pirates And Their Knots...")

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