Thousands Of Footsteps...

Last night the TV, Radio and internet were a buzz with talk about the death of Osama Bin Laden. I saw people partying like it was New Years Eve, I read various Twitter and Facebook posts that leaned from somber, to rejoicing. One person saying we should not be rejoicing while another says we should. Back and forth went the banter about how we should be reacting. Back and forth went our responses to the death of a terrorist.

As I made my way to my bed last night I stopped at my daughters bedside and watched her sleeping peacefully. I couldn't shake the thought of what her peace and my peace cost. I live in a world where my deadliest weapon is a well placed word or lyric or perfectly curved melody. I have never stood with a gun and my own life in my hands in order for millions of people who I don't know to be able to lay their heads down in peace. I have never had to black out my curtains to protect from an air raid. I have never had to ration my food because there were shortages due to war. I have never had to work in a factory and use my hands to build machinery that would be used in war. I have never had to watch my husband or child walk away, heading towards battle, not knowing if they would return.

I have never, but many people have.

Women are widows.

Children are fatherless/motherless.

Parents are childless.

People are blind, armless, burned, scarred, deaf, maimed, and psychologically wounded.

These are the people whose feet tread a path that lead to the compound where a terrorist was stopped. It was thousands upon thousands of footsteps that walked towards that door and it is those that I laid in bed thinking of last night.

I don't know who you are.

But, I THANK YOU for the peace you bring to my house for my husband and I, and for my quietly breathing, soft cheeked, rosy lipped, peaceful daughter.

Posted on May 2, 2011 and filed under Anything and Everything.