So Much Light...

I rent/live in a house where the owner has some fancy highfalutin silk curtains she installed in our bedroom. The room has french doors on the wall opposite of our bed that lead out onto a tiny deck facing east that these curtains cover, floor to ceiling. Other than being gold-ish silk curtains the other thing I think is fancy about these curtains is that they have a rope pulley thing that opens and closes the curtains on the mechanical drapery poll that they hang on. These curtains were designed so that we don't have to wear ourselves out drawing our curtains closed individually, by hand. All we should have to do is give a gentle tug and ZIP! the curtains close with a swoosh. The only problem is that it just doesn't work. Somewhere between when the owner had them installed and we moved in, a tiny, unnoticeable, laughing curtain fairy lodged herself inside the mechanical portion of the drapery poll, making the nightly shutting of our curtains more of a drape wrestle. Sometimes we, the humans, win the battle. Sometimes the tiny fairy does.

Apparently the fairy won last night, because at 6:21 AM this morning the sun began it's ascent into today's sky and it's rays were like laser beams shooting through the tiny crack left unclosed in the curtains.

"How could so much light come through such a tiny crack???" This thought played on repeat the entire morning, until I finally got out of bed feeling like someone stole my sleep.

After spending a few minutes feeling sorry for myself and the sleep I didn't get due to the laser light I started thinking about how this scenario reminded me of a conversation I was having with friends just a few nights ago. We were talking about the state of evangelism in the U.S. right now in 2011 and how different it is from when Billy Graham started in 1948. Some people in the conversation were stating that there has been a shift in evangelism from altar calls at crusade type events to a more one on one, friend to friend, look at my life type of evangelism.

One of the things that I kept thinking throughout the conversation though, was that if evangelism is changing to a one on one relational gospel sharing then the people of the church would have to feel very confident in their faith and knowledge about it to be able to share with those people in their lives that need to hear. I started thinking about a lot of people I know and how they might hold back from sharing because they think they are not equipped to do so. That they will leave the evangelism to their pastor because surely he has lots of schooling etc. that enables him to share.

Ahhh, but then I was woken by the morning light and was reminded, so much light can come through the tiniest of cracks. All that is needed is the crack. So, perhaps I don't have the best knowledge of Greek to translate bible verses, or maybe I don't have the greatest confidence in my speaking voice, or maybe I don't have tons of major bible verses memorized; it doesn't matter. I just need to pull back that curtain just a bit and stand and watch how much of Christ can come pouring out, filling a formerly darkened space.

Today I will remember that Jesus spoke to me, encouraging me when He said in Matthew 5:14,

"You are the light of the world."

Posted on April 19, 2011 and filed under Anything and Everything.