Knots That Bind #4...

"For we walk by faith, not by sight." 2 Corinthians 5:7 Two days ago my daughter began calling me from a nearby room. She had the sound of laughter in her voice. Slowly her voice came closer and closer to where I was in the kitchen where I began also hearing little bumping's and jarring's. "What is she doing?" I thought to myself. Finally from around the corner and on the other side of the counter I saw the shape of my child walking beneath a blanket. Head to toe she was covered, without a crack of light to see the way by and yet there she was making her way towards me by calling for me and listening to my voice return back to her. Just as she was rounding the last turn towards me, with only about 5 steps left till she stood at my feet, her forehead ran straight into the edge of the tiled counter. She quickly drew off the blanket and what I knew had been a smiling face had changed to a furrowed brow and quizzical eyes. Those eyes stood there staring at me as if to say "How did that happen?"

Maybe this is the type of look the Corinthians had in their eyes. A look that wondered how they kept bumping into things as a church. Division in the church, suffering, unforgiveness, etc. These were each the corners that the church kept finding themselves striking headlong into. So what is Paul's response?

"We walk by faith, not by sight."

The Corinthians had been "walking," living their lives by appearances or the way they "saw" things when Paul says they should be living out their lives by what they believe.

They needed to draw back the sight that laid over them like a blanket and see that there is a a better, clearer view that comes through faith.

(This is my newest blog in a weekly series where I share my thoughts behind some of my favorite scriptures out of the bible. If you want to see why I've started this weekly undertaking you can go back and read my blog called "Pirates And Their Knots...")

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