Brenton Brown- Our God Is Near(Album Review)

Sunday night I had the privilege of watching a dear friend of my husbands and mine, Brenton Brown, lead a group of a few thousand people into worship. I stood and watched as he and the 3 guys that make up his band (aka Worship Republic) cracked open a grouping of new songs that Brenton has carefully and purposefully crafted for us. These songs that are meant to be our words of worship. At the end of the night, I sat back and thought "Wow! Did an hour and a half really just pass? It seems as though we just started." But, this is always the feeling when you are being led by a great leader, and that is Brenton Brown.

I have the cd of these new songs, although it doesn't actually release to the public till March 22nd, and thought I would listen to it and be able to give an unbiased review for you. I have come to the conclusion, though, that it's not possible. If I am to be honest, I can't separate myself far enough from Brenton and his wife Jude and their amazing daughter Bella (my daughter's BFF) to give you an unbiased opinion. I am biased. I want everyone to buy his new cd in droves. I want their family to be able to sit back and see the response of the worldwide church affirm that the time, money, heartache, toil, joy, time apart, time together etc. has all been a seed well planted and tended. I want them to see leaves sprouting and fruit being born of their labor of love.

So here is what I will say. I have spent hours on planes, in distant countries, on stages singing with, in the audience watching, lounging poolside while our daughters were still growing within our bellies, crying together, laughing together (quite a bit of this), sharing songs/ideas together and just simply being friends and growing the relationship between our families with the Browns, so, I know that when you watch Brenton worship, when you hear his lyrics, when you hear him speak and see his joy filled smile as he sings you are getting honesty, you are getting something that is real. This is a huge reason that I buy and listen to music, honesty. I want to hear someone sing something they know deep down and this is something that Brenton does. This is why you should buy his cd, this is why you should jump at a chance to go where he is leading worship.

Here are the lyrics that have planted themselves on my mind from Brenton's song "All I Want":

"All I've got, all I want is in You, it's in You. Like the air in my lungs I will breathe You in. All I want, all I need is in Your grace and Your truth. Fill me up, fill me up, let me sing again."

You can check out an interview he posted about his new record "Our God Is Near" here on his blog. And watch iTunes next Tuesday for the albums release...Don't worry, I will mention it again just to remind you :)