At Look At My Top 10 Blogs Of 2010...

Due to the nature of a blog people frequently visit my site and see only the latest blogs I've written because they are the ones that are on the front page. Without someone to tell them which blogs were/are the most popular they might not read the ones that have had the most impact on my readers. So I will be that someone to list out my blogs that have received the most attention, whether by most total hits and/comments they attracted. Another note: many people come to my site and read my blog and then comment to me personally, via facebook, or twitter. I have taken all of this into consideration and will give you the list in order that they ranked. If you don't see your favorite on here feel free to comment me and let me and the other readers know which is your favorite. 1. Music To Run To:

This blog was a fun one to write. I spend many hours running and listening to music and after one of these fun run days I decided to list the songs that make my run faster/better/smile-yer. Little did I know so many others are always on the look out for lists such as these.

2. When My Feet Are Pointed Home:

This blog was written from a heavy heart of knowing I was about to loose someone I love. Although I feel the loss of her I know she is now home and feeling the peace that we crave.

3. Burned By The Church:

I am constantly hearing people say that they or someone they know were "burned by the church/a christian/etc." They use it as an excuse when they are found living lives apart from or denying God, blaming Him and accusing Him. This blog vents my thoughts about this.

4. The Kick And Scream:

This and one other blog on this list was the most passed around friend to friend suggested of all the others. If you know someone who needs this blog feel free to forward it to them(you won't be the only one).

5. How To Feed A Baby Deer:

It makes me laugh that people get to take a look at my ridiculousness but oh this blog and have a good laugh, on me.

6. Songs I'm Loving

People love to find new good music. I hope that this list provided a jumping point for many to find new songs/artists to add to your listening catalogues.

7. Modern Worship Vs. Classical Music:

My husband and I had one of our many discussions on worship music and he brought up the thought that the writing of worship music should be and is (when done well) like classical music. I then went and did a lot of research about classical musicians, composers etc. and wrote this blog showing the truth to his statement.

8. Her Favorite:

Ahhh one of the many blogs where I learn something from watching my daughter. We all need a child around to learn from. Although she is learning multiple words per day from listening to us(her parents) I know that I have learn tremendous amounts of things about my heavenly Father just from watching her.

9. Does Music + Saying Jesus = Good Music

Oh just a little rant about the uniqueness of the market of music(christian music to be exact). This blog connected with all of those struggling/indie/hopeful/hardworking musician/artists/songwriters out there who just want Christian music to be better on all accounts.

10. Fragrance:

I am about to embark on a new form of blogging...I am going to shoot a video blog. YIKES! but yep. Many people have a hard time reading through a blog...I don't know, something boring about the look of words I guess. Anyway, the video blog will make things a little more interesting and this is the blog I will be starting with...wish me luck!

Well there is the list and I hope you find something that resonates. If you do remember you can always link to facebook or twitter with the links at the bottom of the blog. Also don't forget to comment with your thoughts...I know you have who are shy and end up telling me in person with a red face...yes you...just click right below and let everyone hear from you too :)

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