With One Breath He Came...

Two years ago I welcomed my daughter, Scarlett, into the world. Since she is my first child I was able to spend all day every day just watching her and soaking in the mystery of her being. I spent hours in awe of the tiniest things about her. Her breathing, the flutter of her eyes, her yawns, the slow uncurling of her fingers, each of these things I watched in wonder. It’s with no great surprise that, when I started working on my Christmas record, I would be reminded that my God came in a very similar package. Mary delivered Jesus alone. She had no midwife, no nurses, no mother or sister nearby to help her with what was probably the most painful and difficult experience she had ever encountered. I can only imagine that when she held him in her arms and saw that he was a perfect, warm, yawning, soft, baby boy she sat in awe of Him. This tiny child was the hope of the world. With that very first breath Jesus started a journey that would one day end at the cross. Those tiny hands would one day be touching and healing. That yawning mouth would one day be calming storms and casting out demons. Those fluttering eyes would one day look to heaven and say “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” It all started with one breath. One tiny little gasping intake of air and our rescue had begun.

Below I am attaching the lyrics and recording of the song I wrote for my Christmas record called “There Is A Star.” The full Christmas CD is called "With One Breath He Came" and you can buy it here. Also you can read what I wrote about this CD in the blog titled “Christmas Music…” .

Listen here: There Is A Star

There Is A Star

There is a star that will lead us to You Here in the dark we are searching for You

Chorus 1: And there as a baby You are Our hope in Your heart Hope in Your heart

There as a child You lay Our life in Your hands Clutched in Your hands

Verse 2: There is a cross that will lead us to You Here though were lost we are longing for You

Verse 3: There in the sky we will glory in You Here in our hearts we are bursting with You

Chorus 2: Cause there as a Savior you are With hope in Your heart Our hope in Your heart

Here as our Savior You’ve come Our souls You have won Our lives You have won

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