Christmas Music...

So I recorded a Christmas cd. I sat down and wrote down all of the songs that I love to hear during Christmastime, I thought long and hard about what Christmas songs should sound like and then picked 7 of them to record as well as recording one I wrote myself. My husband/producer found an amazingly talented orchestral percussionist (he plays glockenspiel, vibraphone, tympani drums, marimba, among many other instruments) who lives in Spain and we sent him the songs to play all of the instrumentation on them. Then when they came back sounding like Christmas sparkle I pulled on my headphones and stepped up to the microphone and sang. I stacked vocal on top of vocal on top of vocal. I "ha haaa'd" and "oooh ooooh'd" until I thought I might pass out. Finally after carefully coddling these songs we decided they were ready for others to hear. I hope you find yourself decorating your house/tree to these songs or baking reindeer shaped and candy sprinkled cookies to these songs or curling up next to the fireplace with cocoa and marshmallows with the songs or even riding in your car singing along with these songs cause those are the kinds of memories and nostalgia that I have towards some of my favorite Christmas cds. Those are the things this cd was made for. So sing along. Hummm along. Smile along and have a Merry(Full of gaiety or high spirits) Christmas :)

The Cd is called "With One Breath He Came" and you can buy it here.

Posted on November 18, 2010 and filed under Anything and Everything, Stories Behind Songs.