Songs I'm Loving...

I am always listening to new music or finding newness in older music and have a playlist of favorites that are making me smile/laugh/cry/feel. I thought maybe I could make a list of my ten favorites every month so that you might be able to check them out if you want and also share in this beautiful thing that is a love for music, with me...Perhaps we would even find ourselves with our headphones on at the same time listening to the same song with the same pleased smile on our faces...

Here's the list and some of my thoughts on why these songs made it on the list(sometimes I love the songs for lyrical content and sometimes it is purely for the music). Also these songs are not in order of favorite to least favorite. They are just in alphabetical order. Here goes:

1. Animal Collective "My Girls"-This band/song is fresh. Each time I listen I hear something new and it makes me grin (note to myself: grinning while listening and running looks creepy). 2. Brandon Flowers "Only The Young"- Chorus. The chorus melody on this song is sublime. Done. 3. Brooke Fraser "Crows & Locusts"- This song makes me want to weep. There is a gorgeous lyric that says

"She puts some water on the wound And hums a little tune While her courage puddles on the ground Pooling, pooling

Brooke is a great lyricist and an awesome vocal. When you put those together on a song like this with lyrics like these weeping is inevitable. 4. Dr. Seahorse "To Move You"- Trevor Davis + Mark Suhonen = Aural Joy (this song also creates the creepy grinning runner problem) 5. Florence & The Machine "Cosmic Love"- Production, Lyric, Vocal, Melody, Instrumentation are all saying the same thing. This is beautiful/aggressive/tragic/passionate. 6. Jars of Clay "Run In The Night (Psalm 27)"- Here is a band who knows who they are and because of that continue to make beautiful music. The first time I heard this song I listened to it 3 times in a row. The lyric "For I am such a man seized by the power of great affection" broke me. I love when I find an artist who writes lyrics that are for me. This song, these words are my words. No I didn't write this song but they are what I need/want to be saying. Then add the gang vocals on the chorus and outro and I see that they are the lyrics for many. We all need songs like this to fit inside our mouths. We need this music beating in our chests. 7. Local Natives "Airplanes"- I'm just addicted to this song. I love the visual imagery and the sound of this band. 8. Phoenix "Fences"- The beat. I love the feel of this song. Thank you Phoenix. 9. Sufjan Stevens "Age of Adz"- If this list is looked at as a hand full of pills/medication then this song is the monstrous pill that you need a piece of bread and 2 glasses of water to get it to go down. The record that this song comes off of is splitting die hard Sufjan fans in two. Those who are coming with him on this musical change and those who will remain behind with his older style. I'm along for the ride and loving it. Choral vocal parts that send chills, and crazy instrumentation...classic Sufjan. 10. Lissie "Everywhere I Go"- Beautiful (period)

Hopefully you find something on this list that you enjoy and I'd love to hear any songs that are blowing your mind right now. Comment below with your favorites and I'll give them a listen. Who knows, maybe they will be on my list next month. :)