The Air About You...

I have a habit/pattern/rhythm/schedule to my days. At least the days that I am home, that is. I go running in the morning after a cup of coffee then come back home, shower and study or write or sing or practice or record. This pattern is what my days consist of when life is flowing normally. There are days when I have mixed up this rhythm and it seems that everything gets out of whack. For instance, the run doesn't come till later in the day and then that means the shower and dressing comes later too. These are days spent in pajamas that can become unproductive (this is sometimes needed anyways). Well today I decided to shake things up again. The things that needed to happen today are Coffee Run Shower Study Prepare songs for set tonight Soundcheck Sing

I did one thing differently though. Instead of curling up in my comfy(Jonny thinks is ugly) study chair after my shower, I decided to go outside in the sun. I do live in San Diego after all. This put me in a dilemma though. Since I've already showered and gotten ready, do I go back in early from my studying time to shower and clean up again or do I go sing tonight with the smell of the outdoors on me? Jonny always makes me laugh when someone jogs past him because he holds his breath so that he doesn't have to breathe in their stinky "sweat wind." Hahaha...Oh I'm giggling just thinking about the funniness of that. Yes there is a sweat wind smell to us runners. It is a combo of sweat and just the I've been outside for a while smell. Today this got me thinking about all of the smells we have about us. The smell that says "I was just playing with that dog" that has a bit of dog fur and slobber to it, the smell of "I've just been snuggling a baby" that is a bit of baby powder mixed with just a hint of spit up, the smell of "I've been grilling burgers" that is mostly hickory smoke and cooked meat. Each of these fragrances tell a bit about where you've been and what you've been doing. So now I'm wondering...when I spend time with the I have His smell on me? When someone sees me this evening will they only notice that I smell like I've been outside and didn't opt for the second shower because instead I wanted to spend the time reading and studying the word or will I have the fragrance of someone who has been in the presence of the Father? My goal the rest of this afternoon is to draw close enough to Him that there will be nothing else anyone could smell.

Posted on October 12, 2010 and filed under Anything and Everything.