Her Favorite...

Last Thursday my husband headed out with the guys from Switchfoot to South America to fill in for their guitarist while he and his wife have their newest baby. In total he will be gone for 13 days and today we are on day 6. Its been interesting watching my daughter ask where he is and then easily take my answer "Dada is gone to South America to play guitar." She usually smiles and mumbles "South America..." as she goes back to playing. She trusts me. She knows that if I seem confident that I know where he is and that he will be returning then it is something she believes in as well and she is content to wait. Let me add, Jonny(my husband and her father), is her favorite person in the world (even though I do sometimes try to explain to her that I'm the one who carried her around for 10 months and should be her favorite:). Jonny is the one that she follows around calling his name, Jonny is the one who she mimics, Jonny is the one who she calls out to when she wakes up, and He is the one on who's shoulders she would constantly remain. She is a walking definition of adoration. So...although her favorite person is currently gone and she can't see him or "stalk" him she is perfectly happy. She knows, through me telling her and I think a child's internal knowledge of belonging, that her father will be coming home to her and she doesn't need to fear that he will be gone for long.

Perhaps you already see where I am going here...this got me thinking of my heavenly Father. Do I have Him on my mind when I wake? Do I follow Him around? Do I mimic Him knowing that is where all wisdom, knowledge and ability comes from? Do I prefer Him? When I find myself wondering where He is do I believe when Jesus said "Remember what I told you: I am going away, but I will come back to you again...I am going to the Father, who is greater than I am" in John 14? Jesus is a source that I can trust and believe so...I'm going to be like my daughter who is waiting patiently and happily till her daddy comes home.

Posted on September 14, 2010 and filed under Anything and Everything.